Spirit Teachings

Honoring the Eternal Flow of Energy and Light

Dear Spirit ~ What message of LOVE do you wish to share with me today??

Let go of the ties that keep you thinking that you must BE one thing or another.  

Follow your heart!!    We tell you to “let go and go within” because that IS your strongest place.    You work well with your own deep and sacred voice.   Don’t listen to others and their beliefs for your life.    When all seems confusing and you feel lost…create YOUR sacred space.  

Listen to our heart beat as we merge and unite with ALL you are.    We are not simply “with” you.   We Are You!!   Your energy flows through ours in a perpetual and eternal dance of light.  

Now…let go…feel the flow!!   It is like a gentle wave that rocks you to a quiet beat.

The fight is over.    The struggle to get somewhere is done.   You ARE where you desire to be.    Now your only chore is to enjoy it.   Is that so difficult??  

If you are always focused on the NEXT step and the next adventure…your energy won’t BE where you are.    BE in this space.   FEEL our love.   You would not be here if it were not best for you!!    

Do you still believe that miracles are rare and difficult to manifest??   You should know by now that it IS what we do best.    Without limitation or bounds…we are here to CREATE with you.   Please don’t see yourself as a being of Limitation.   REMEMBER THE TRUTH!!!

You are INFINITE and you are PURE!!   Your every thought, intention, and wish is SACRED to us!!   Never…are you without our LOVE!!

So…with this reminder of the very true POTENTIAL that flows through you…what will YOU MANIFEST TODAY??

Dream BIG Dear One!!   You are only limited by your own beliefs!!   


Channeled by Alania Starhawk

May 26th, 2010


These conversations with Spirit are TIMELESS…and can bring meaning and understanding to us all in perfect divine time!!   They are messages for our SOUL to remember the greater truths!!

ENJOY!!   May it speak directly to you…in perfect divine time!!

In Joy and Infinite Potential,


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