Spirit Teachings

The “True North” of Integrity

In a world filled with so many subjective perspectives…”true north” is one of the certain FACTS that can not shift.   Either it IS “true north” or it’s an intention to direct ourselves north.    So, as in true land navigation…if we set a course for intentional north in place of factual north…lord only knows where we’ll end up.  (((Smile)))

In regards to Integrity in our lives…it’s somewhat similar.    We can have all the intentions in life to be honorable, truthful, and filled with integrity…or we can BE all those things without compromise!!     No one has the right to judge or criticize any of our choices.  Ever!!   But let’s not fool ourselves.    The choice filled with INTEGRITY will naturally bring us to a much more rewarding place than that which has compromised intentions.

Whenever I happen to stand in a moral doorway of discernment…I recognize that my free-will choice naturally tells the universe what energies I AM willing to walk with!!     Is it ever justifiable to compromise my integrity for personal gain??    In my opinion…payment for the momentary privilege of personal gain is much greater than I ever wish to pay!!

“BE The Change That You Wish To See”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The only path to TRUE PEACE and LOVE is to BE the Peace and Love we wish to embrace!!     The same goes for integrity!!

If we wish to be treated with respect, love, truth, and sincerity ~ we must find the strength and wisdom to treat others with that same level of un-compromised integrity.    It’s not acceptable or beneficial to pick and choose through the moments and experiences that make it easier for us.    Either we choose Integrity in our lives (genuinely)…or we use pretty words and intentions to believe that we choose integrity.      There’s a great big difference in the greater scheme of all things.

Now…i write this free-flowing contemplation for a great purpose.    I see people!!    I love people!!   And i watch them sometimes make choices that veer from the very intentions and declarations they themselves proclaim.     I fully believe that very good people set their well-meaning intentions with integrity…and then don’t back that intention up with action.

Either we walk in truth ~ in all moments ~ or we are only setting pretty well-meaning intentions to do so.

Only the universe is watching and knows our truth.      But….it’s the universe that offers you all you so dearly desire to embrace!!    So be WISE when discerning that which benefits you today…and all days.    Our choice puts a wave of energy in motion…that returns all we put out right back to our doorstep!!

BE Wise!!   BE Strong!!   BE all you most genuinely wish to BE!!    For your current choices make a much greater impact than you can imagine!!

In Truth and Ever-flowing LOVE,




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