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Who Am I??

After years of personal awareness and growth…I didn’t think I would still be asking myself this genuine question.    But…as I step into greater personal truth and awareness…I see that I am authentically more ME’s than I ever fathomed I could be!!

We…from our human perspectives…often believe that we are a neat little compilation of chosen attributes.    We can instantly describe ourselves as a loving daughter, a brave entrepreneur, a wise scholar, or a humble seeker.     We genuinely see ourselves as these viable and true ‘identities’.   But really…as I live more fully and freely…I discover that I can not genuinely be ONLY that which I perceive myself to be.

I naturally shift with every experience!!    There are moments that I treasure my sacred stillness…and there are moments where I happen to be the mindless jokester…finding comedy and beauty in every common detail of life.     There are moments that I am the wise peace-maker…and moments where I am the uncompromising advocate for justice.

I can see now that I have more identities than I can list.   So…why do I try??

I often become greatly saddened if a momentary choice doesn’t honor my intention to be compassionate, patient, or wise.    But really…were those atypical choices any less genuine??    Perhaps they were even more so…and it’s only my instinct to deny their essential beauty that is at fault.

I can stand here now and honestly say that I AM without clear description or distinct black-and-white characterization!!  I AM simply ME!! ♥

And the beauty of ME may switch and shift with any passing moment!!   I accept that as my truth…and my divine privilege!!

YAYYYYY!!   How freeeeeeeee that makes me feel!!

This morning I woke up…almost feeling that I was losing mySelf on my blessed and joy-filled family vacation!!     There is laughter filling our days…and gratitude filling my heart!!    That’s GREAT!!!   Right???

But in honor of this family experience…I noticed that all I full-heartedly claim as my personal and treasured truth…is a bit less-important in this moment.    From that perspective…I was a bit disappointed in myself.    All I have worked so hard to claim in my life…is taking a back-seat to the JOY of family and celebration!!

And YES!!!    I heard how absurd that sounded!!  (((Smile)))

That’s why I sat in stillness to contemplate and SEE!!!

I now seeeeeeee that this care-free, joy-filled, now-oriented ME is true and beautiful as can be!!     Each atypical choice is simply a rarely-celebrated aspect of ME!!     

I can never possibly be any less than ME!!   So why would I imagine that any part of me could be compromised or lost???

Yet again…another illusion-filled wall of limitation SHATTERS to smithereens!!    YAYYYYYY!!!

Bring on the A W A K E N I N G!! ♥

I AM ready to see myself as I truly am!!

In Blessings, Truth and Ever-expanding Love,


2 thoughts on “Who Am I??”

  1. My dearest sister, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. They have spurred thoughts within me as well, which I will wait to share on the Village Hearth, but please know your wisdom is very much a gift in my life every day of this beautiful year. Much love to you! May your holiday be filled with much light, love, and abundant laughter. ❤


    1. Ahhhhhhhh…we are certainly SoulSisters…speaking ONE radiant truth in unique ways!! You bring such JOY to my journey!! Thank YOU for sharing your Light ~ your Inspiration ~ and your LOVE!! Today…I celebrate your presence in my life!! 🙂 I Love You Dawna!! BLESSINGS TO YOU!!


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