Spirit Teachings

Gratitude for the Irreplaceables

Can you spot them in your own life too??

In my world ~ an irreplaceable is a moment, a treasure, or a pleasure that can not be topped, forgotten or misundertstood!!   It’s absolutely perfect, pure, and loved ~ AS IT IS!! ♥    They are the moments worth living for…and they always touch us DEEP within!!

I must tell you that THIS holiday season is filled with irreplaceables!!    Thank Spirit!!   (((Smile)))

Just a few weeks ago I felt the weight of holiday responsibility…and the crush of a speedily approaching DAY that would make it all worth while.   Whewwwww!!!   That’s a lot of pressure.

But somewhere in the midst of the crush and the push…my prayers naturally removed the need for anything to be more than it is.     I began feeling GRATITUDE that fills every speck of my being…and JOY that reminds me of how precious life is!!    Somewhere in the midst of perceived inadequacy and inefficiency…I found HARMONY and APPRECIATION!!

Even this moment of still and quiet…before the house comes alive…seems like pure BLISS to me!!    In this moment…there’s no other place i’d prefer to be…and no thing can improve this moment of being here with YOU!!    It’s the perfect way to see mySelf…and express my truth!!   Thank YOU for allowing it to be!!

Ok…back to my original message.   Look for the irreplaceables in your life tooooooo!!    They are the sweet moments of JOY that remind us that Life is a gift, a blessing, and an opportunity!!    I am so ever-grateful for my irreplaceables this week!!

Just to count a few (simple and pure)…

  • oodles of full-hearted belly laughs (the kind that make you cross your legs)
  • perfectly sliced garlic-a-plenty for the many dishes that required a burst of fa-la-la-la-yummmmm
  • profound appreciation for every can’t-find-in-florida food that will stay with me in my dreams til I am NY bound again
  • hours upon hours upon hours of feet-aching delirium-provoking cooking and baking with family (i loved every minute)
  • the christmas miracle that gave us a 40-minute white christmas only 24-hours after a 74-degree day
  • the joy of watching my son run around in falling snow screaming “Owww…..it got in my eye!!”  (they were giant flakes)
  • sitting at a table full of beautiful loved ones all sharing their thoughts of gratitude for that moment
  • the many giggle-filled stories and memories of irreplaceable moments gone by
  • the “hello” from every family member still joining us from the spirit realm
  • watching the children grow, learn, blossom, and share (they are my greatest irreplaceable)
  • spending my fill of adrenaline-infused hours at the Met (in that space…my heart is HOME)
  • the uber-adorable italian man in La Bella (telling me which olives are the only ones worth eating)
  • the sweet disapproving chinese man in Wo Hop that kept shaking his head while saying “You ordered toooooo much!!”   (he repeated it three times…Lol)
  • and every joy-filled ahhhhhhhhhhhh moment of appreciation

Wow!!   I could keep on listing for quite a while.   So i shall stop here…with my heart over-flowed and my spirit expanded in appreciation!!   I am truly and fully BLESSED!!


Please continue to bring on the irreplaceables!!   I shall honor every one!!

In JOY and Gratitude,





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