Spirit Teachings

The Sacred Ones

It shows in their eyes.

Without a single spoken word…they share great depths of meaning.   They speak the ancient language of Compassion and Light.   And quite often…they speak these great truths without ever recognizing the power these sacred messages hold.

For each message flows (most naturally) from their own Sacred Heart Space…and transmits as a profound wave of higher consciousness to all who would be blessed!!

Can you see that??   Have you ever stood in the presence of a Sacred One and felt their love??

And…have you ever known such Peace and Faith yourself… that you have been the Sacred One who has touched another??

For I can now see that we are the Sacred Ones who are most bravely ushering Divine and Sacred Light to this earth!!    We are the Sacred Ones who will transmute all shadows and discord into Harmony and Light!!

When we each hold a prayer for Peace ~ for Love ~ for Truth ~ for Healing Light ~ and for Love in our hearts…so we become the SACRED ONES who become the portals to welcome heaven on earth.    We become the beacons of Light ~ offering Hope for a new day and a new way!!    We become THE LIGHT!! ♥

Without warning, training, or understanding…our PURE HEARTS allow us to BE the sacred ones who radiate most divinely!!

This is a profound remembrance for me today!!   It is exactly what I most need to remember!!

We are all smack dab in the doorway of a new year filled with possibility and opportunities.   I’ve seen it coming…and have been preparing at deeper levels to welcome the NEW in with open arms.     I’ve felt the joy ~ the unhindered bounty and beauty ~ and the blessings flowing powerfully to each of us.

And then…in just the last few days…i’ve been witness to the deeply chaotic thought processes of our society, the overwhelming challenges of our communities at large, and the unspoken sadness of countless souls.    My faith in our new world of love and hope began shaking.

It all came to an epic but productive peak when my body welcomed in a nasty bully-of-a-stomach-bug.    In the pits of absolute despair…I refused to give in.     Prayer and faith filled my thoughts…until I came through the challenged moments.   When I didn’t have strength to breathe or move an inch…I was still able to pray and stay true in my heart.     That was my greatest comfort!!

And here I am…on the first official morning of feeling better…realizing that I truly battled so much more than a bully-of-a-stomach-bug!!      I can now see that I persevered through the toxins and impurities of my own personal world and beyond.    And it was not with empowered sword or organized force that I slowly triumphed.   It was with strength of heart and faith!!

I went to sleep last night…praying for guidance and truth…and spent the night looking deep into the eyes of many beautiful souls (in dream state) all appearing to me as Sacred Ones!!    I felt their Love ~ Protection ~ Guidance ~ and Support!!    And I knew that these souls were no different than you and I. ♥      They held a sacred spark in their hearts…and let me know that I AM NOT ALONE!!!

Together…we are creating a web of light that will heal this earth on vibrations and frequencies unseen (and barely understood).    Perhaps our only obligation (to the greater good) is to BE THE LIGHT within ourselves!!  

Three days ago…I couldn’t see how our united hearts would triumph over these limiting cycles that are in motion.      But now I see that the magic in motion is beyond my perspective and comprehension.    Our individual hearts are powerfully uniting on the higher realms…to welcome in the LIGHT and LOVE of a new day and a new way!!

I AM NOT ALONE ON MY JOURNEY!!!     And either are you!!    We are united…and awakening the SACRED ONES within ourselves every day!!

Don’t resist the challenges that may appear.   Don’t run in fear of what they may bring.    Stand strong in the LIGHT dear ones…and awaken the SACRED ONE in yourself today!!   BE THE LIGHT that shifts your world into one of heaven on earth!!      Let your heart speak your truth…and gracefully pave the way!!

Today…my prayers of Truth and Love shall be the force that guides me through this gate of transformation.   On all levels seen and unseen…I CHOOSE LOVE!!

So BE THE LIGHT my dear brothers and sisters!!   Our strength today will usher in the new way!!

In JOY and Ever-flowing GRATITUDE,


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