Spirit Teachings

To My True Divine Love ~ I Welcome You ♥

I Call TO Me ~ The Perfect Soul ~ Who Recognizes ME

Who Awakens LOVE In Me ~ At Depths Full and Clear

Who Activates My Energy To Be Fully AWAKE ~ ALIVE ~ and PRESENT In Each Moment

Who Sees Me

Who Loves Me

Who Honors Me


Who Helps Me To See Myself In Greater ~ More Loving Ways

Who IS Part of Me Already…

And Is Ready To Live In Perfect Divine Harmony WITH ME




7 thoughts on “To My True Divine Love ~ I Welcome You ♥”

      1. I have a sneaking suspicion it is Josephine Wall…it looks like her style., but I too was unable to discover who created it.

      2. Ahhhhhh…i love Josephine Wall’s artwork. Perhaps it is her work. I’ll have to check on her pages. Thank YOU for sharing your sweet self today Morgan!! ♥ Have a great evening!!

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