Spirit Teachings

“His Vision Is Greater Still…”

These are the words I hear reverberating in my head at 2am…til I feel their power flowing through me…and I know that they are the seed to a great message about to be.   So i awaken…to see, receive, and share all that may reveal itself now.

“His Vision Is Greater Still”

Do not pine for a single outcome!!   For we are loved…and his vision is greater still…than our limited point of view.

Surely great solutions, blessings, and wonder await us each…when we surrender to his omniscient guiding force!!

Surely the answers we seek…shall flow ever-perfectly into our embrace…when we first have FAITH in the infinite web of Pure Divine Light that is!!

When I see this web without prejudice or fear…I see the awe-inspiring Power and Order most beautifully held within the intricate pattern of ‘LIFE’.

Each essential moment holds a vital key for our unique, individual, ever-guided journeys!!

Yes!!   We are certainly the Masters of our destiny.   We ordain the experiences we are open to know and meet.    But we don’t have the birds-eye-view necessary to plan our every step through and through.    We must trust in the unseen system of SUPPORT that is in place…just for us!!

It is our precious heart that imagines, believes, and ordains our potential reality.    But it is our own greater selves…and our ever-loving team of spiritual support that GUIDE OUR WAY to that which we seek!!

When we ‘feel’ lost…we need only lift our scope of vision to a much higher and expanded view.

Is our highest good on its way to meet us…even as we speak??   Are provisions already made…to honor the prayers and intent we have in place??

In this very moment…our prayers are pure!!   But our perspective revealing all that is in motion…is limited and skewed.   So i tell you…BELIEVE in the miracles, the solutions, the healing opportunities, and boundless prosperity that awaits you now!!   Know that this beautiful vision is a secured reality when you BELIEVE that you are not doing this alone!!

You are not lost…or misguided.    You are not stuck…or without options.

Every imaginable BLESSING flows to you now!! ♥

All that we each need to do…is BELIEVE in the support that is…and the LOVE that we are most worthy of!!

See yourself receiving help ~ accepting kindness ~ embracing love ~ and embodying joy!!    See yourself in HARMONY with the great destiny you seek.

Do not pine for a single outcome.    See all that you are worthy of…flowing to you most perfectly…and then open your heart to receive!!

How dare we believe that limitation is possible?!?!

‘Limitation’ is only created by our own inner fear to move forward and receive!!

So my prayer most genuinely is:

Dear God, Creator, Ever-flowing Spirit and My Own Expanded Self ~

See the Love, Beauty, and Truth I wish to embrace and know.    See the miracles and blessings that I most genuinely believe in…and BRING THEM TO ME NOW!!

From out of the ethers…and through the realms of possibility...BRING THEM TO ME NOW!!

Please do not allow my surface doubts and fears to guide my way…or hinder my progress forward into Light.    Please help me to always see the TRUTH of Love and Prosperity that walks with me…and flows unhindered TO ME NOW!!

Help me to TRUST that this world is birthing wonder and magic JUST FOR ME!!   

For I truly believe that if i shift my perspective from limitation to absolute and true ever-flowing SUPPORT ~ that is all i shall know.

So please help me now!!    Help me to banish the illusion ~ the fear of imperfection and insignificance.   Help me to welcome LOVE in at all levels…and REMEMBER that i can never be any less than safe, loved, and protected.   I can only believe myself to be so.

Ahhhhhhhh…feel the power in those words!!

The illusion of less-than can not be our reality…unless we believe it to be a possibility!!   The moment we are ready to know and receive more…the floodgates open and support, solutions, and opportunities most welcomingly appear!!

So…once again today’s teaching can be summed up by the words:

“It All Begins Within”

(((Smile)))  When will we finally and fully remember those four little empowering words??

Well…for today…I shall sit with this and remember.    My PRAYERS are the power that puts all in motion…and God’s Divine Grace and Light is what brings it all to me most perfectly!!    All i need do…is BELIEVE and RECEIVE!! ♥

In Joy and Faithful Harmony,


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