Spirit Teachings

“A Choir of Cacophony”

Don’t let these words confuse you!!    They mark the powerful beginning to a profound Dream Teaching about ONENESS.   But I must say…that their greater meaning did not evoke an “Ahaaa!!” in me til just a few moments ago.    It was in trying to frustratingly discern last night’s dreams….that I understood why “A Choir of Cacophony” was repeated to me throughout the night before.    So please stay with me as it all begins to make perfect sense. ♥

One night ago…the oh so important 60 second dream began by seeing random people everywhere…proudly holding up their own conch shell.    As if it were a torch of strength and truth for them…they held up their conch shells most beautifully…and seemingly independently.     Then the dream-shot (the snapshots that allows us to jump from scene to scene in our dreams) refocused my attention to one giant conch shell…symbolically held in the center of all the other conch shells.   This one was floating high above the others…and in mid-air.

I knew that this single conch shell represented the union of the others…but I was confused by it’s form.    This center conch shell was a broken shell.    Only it’s SPIRAL at the top of its shell remained.   The sides and the bottom were broken away…and long since gone.    I questioned its symbolism…and then heard these powerful words reverberate through me.

“A Choir of Cacophony”

Now…I will honestly say that i did not know if “cacophony” was a real word…or what it truly meant.    But i repeated these words over and over…through each and every other dream that i had that night.     I lucidly told myself “This is important.   Don’t forget!!”.      So dictionary.com was the place I needed to be yesterday morning.     I didn’t know if i’d find out that I was CRAZY…or that I was brilliant.    Lol

It turns out that it IS a real word…and according to dictionary.com means:  a harsh discordance of sound.

Well…that just confused me more.   How could a cacophony symbolize any kind of harmonious choir???    I was lost.

And really…what did the broken shell symbolize??    I already recognized the power of the individual conch shells.   They have always held strength for me because of the sanskrit traditions regarding the conch shell as an instrument of Truth and Power.    When the conch shell is blown…it is considered that the sound carries through all realms of being…declaring Truth for the blower of the horn.    Or…at least that is how Spirit has relayed its symbolism to me over the years.

So…I will say that as much as I wished for it to make sense…i was at a loss.    I asked for Spirit to bring through the greater understanding in perfect divine time.    And in truth…i wish I had been wise enough to discern its truth before last night’s long never-ending line of much less than comforting dream scenarios made it all become clear.    (((Smile)))

Every single dream last night placed me in a scenario that I was sincerely uncomfortable in.       It was a parade of places, situations, and relationships that I would consider to be opposite of my comfort zone.    I would be free-styling down a deep mountainside with others who fully enjoyed it…or lost in what I believed was an unsavory part of town.       There was scenario after scenario of experiencing much LESS than I enjoyed.     I kept praying for it to end…but it never did til the morning came.

And in the early morning shock of all i’d felt throughout the night…I asked the PURPOSE for such a night.     Why would I be put through this??

They first showed me that WHEN we are in vibrations that do not match our own…we are most genuinely uncomfortable.     If we do not believe ourselves to be royal…then we would be uncomfortable in a royal palace.     If we do not wish to drive fast…we would be uncomfortable in a Porsche.

The list could go on….because truthfully…we are not meant to know all things in THIS moment!!     It’s actually impossible to do so…because so many options evoke the exact opposite response from other viable options.    We could not genuinely be comfortable in ALL experiences.

BUT………..should we believe that just because we do not wish to drive fast…that others could not be blessed by that experience???

Think about it.    We naturally see the world from our unique perspective…and all that we are not comfortable with seems to be less than ‘perfect’ to us.     But there are many other souls who ARE comfortable in those experiences that we resist.     Shouldn’t each soul have the opportunity to BE in the energy that matches their unique vibration???

Imagine this world….if we all were the same???    There would be nothing new to learn, gain, or discover.

Perhaps…our greatest possible TRUTH is that we (in our human experience) are meant to be a beautiful CHOIR of CACOPHONY?!?!

Perhaps it is our ability to honor the unique Light in each soul…that will enable our cacophonous selves to become a CHOIR of harmonious sound!?!?  

Perhaps it is only our resistance to difference…that creates the discordance and conflict that we know?!?!

And SO…I’m brought back to the broken conch shell that represented our united selves.

Perhaps we were never meant to fit into a particular shell…or distinguishable form?!?! Perhaps it is by honoring the free-will CHOICE of each uniquely beautiful soul…that we will embrace ONENESS on this earth!!

Perhaps…ONENESS isn’t equivalent to ‘Same-ness’.     It simply means flowing as ONE harmonious energy!!    Allowing all opposite spectrums to unite through RESPECT ~ LOVE ~ and PEACE!!

I don’t wish to be all things!!    I learned that most clearly last night.    And I don’t wish for everyone to BE all that I am either.    So I shall do my best to honor the sentiment held within our treasured greeting conveyed as “Namaste'” ♥

Namaste’ most beautifully says…”the God in me ~ honors and greets the God in you”.

Each soul does know what is best for itself!!    All sense of judgment or superior reflection must be eliminated from our belief system in order for the cacophony of our Truth to become a harmonious choir.

So I will do my best to see the BEAUTY of individual choices and bravely embraced uniqueness!!     May we honor the radiant Spirit of each precious soul…AS IT IS!!!

Ahhhhhhh!!!   How it all came together so perfectly!!   Thank YOU dear spirit for guiding me ~ teaching me ~ and reminding me!!   May I always be a VOICE for greater Truth and Mystery to be revealed!!     I am forever grateful!!

And to each brother and soul listening to me now…I shall simply say

Namaste’ ♥

In Joy and Ever-expanding Wonder,



Spirit shared a similar powerful dream teaching with me last year.   Please read about it here:  The only separation is that which we perceive!!


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