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Does The Heart of A Wild Stallion Beat In You???

Pause for a moment…and sense.    Is there an unbridled SPIRIT alive in your being??   Is there an aspect of your own precious Light that runs FREEEEEEEE…and doesn’t know that it’s meant to be anything but that which it naturally is??

For a wild stallion does not look around for guidance from another.     They do not question within…whether another honors, agrees with, or validates their every choice.    There is no desire to quell their passion and fervor for the moment.

They stand strong in the POWER that they are.    They let their inner Light guide their journey.    And they hold no judgment over whether they should be here or there!!    For they are prisoner to no one.    Not even that of SELF!!

So stand here now…and sense.    Can you even recall what it feels like to be that free??     To simply BE…without needing approval or validation from yourself or any other??

For I know that we’ve all been a wild stallion in our time??   And I know that that memory lives within us still.    But can we find that raw and sacred power within us once again??    Can we sense that part of ourselves…and welcome it home??

I know that I am ready to welcome that part of ME home!!    I am ready to integrate her FREE SPIRIT into my own.    And perhaps…with this awakening…I shall finally STOP being the limitation to my own bliss-ful adventure of discovery!!

I do not place any blame on myself with those words!!   I love myself…and all I am.     But I do stand in awareness…and recognize that it is still quite difficult for me to stand in personal power and free-spirit without feeling some sort of underlying guilt for not conforming, being what another wishes, or being more (by my own expectations).

Somewhere…through my infinite lifetimes of being…the wild stallion in me became tamed by the arbitrary standards of another.     And NOW… it’s time to break that encoding…that patterning…and that belief system!!

For Spirit requires no more of me…than my BEing!!    Any other request to BE…is most certainly arbitrary and without true purpose.    So…

Dear Spirit….Awaken the wild stallion in me!!    Let my heart BEAT without censor or reason!!    Let my soul sense the rhythm of all life flowing through me…and surrender to the JOY of being a brilliant me!!      

Let me honor the gift of all life….sharing itself with me.    Let me explore most curiously…without fear of what can be.     Awaken a TRUST in my Spirit that knows all is in most perfect and divine order!!    For never do I walk, roam, or soar alone.    I am an intricate and most treasured aspect of The Great Spirit…and I choose to be FREEEEEEEEEE from all need to conform or limit my potentiality!! 

Thank YOU Great Spirit!!    May I be in harmony with the purest…and most natural ME!! ♥

Ahhhhhhhh.    I feel the power flowing through me now.    I have no desire to use, direct, or harness it just yet.    For a moment…I’d just like to bask in all it means and can bring.    Today…perhaps…I’ll just let my heart BEAT and know that that is enough!!

Great LOVE flows to each of you….unconditionally!!

I honor the great SPIRIT that flows in you too!!

In Joy and Ever-expanding Wonder,



4 thoughts on “Does The Heart of A Wild Stallion Beat In You???”

  1. This prayer was so awesome and I could feel my heart responding to those words. This message today has brought a great peace to me… I Thank You , YOU are a beautiful, caring, Spiritual Human Being and I feel privilege to know you and I feel Blessed at ant of your events.


    1. Oh Mary Ann ~ I Love You Toooooo!! I’m so incredibly glad that this message touches and inspires you!! I always stand here as the amazed one…accepting all that comes through with a bit of child-like awe. And to know that it reaches further than myself….is just a GIFT!! ♥ Thank YOU!!!


    1. How honored I AM by your sweet words!! For this journey is truly one of discovery. And each discovery becomes so much more rewarding when shared with radiant souls like you!! Thank YOU dear friend!! May we continue to inspire each other in amazing ways!! ♥ ~ Alania


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