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Merlin ~ The Father of Alchemy

Dear Guides and Guardians ~ Who walks with me now?? Who wishes to share a message of Love??

I sense a wise and masterful guide, with sparkling Light gently bouncing through his being. I hear clearly and beautifully:

MERLIN ~ The Father of Alchemy

Thank YOU Dear Merlin!! What remembrance do you bring??

To be the cause element!!

All equations ~ solutions ~ formulas ~ and hypotheses have an element that causes all other elements to respond ~ transform ~ and morph upon demand.

BE ~ the element that controls your environment!!  

By sheer BEingness (and natural order), you shall transform all that surrounds you!!

See yourself as the CATALYST ~ not the reactor!!

For in great truth, you are both things in all moments. But, to see yourself as the empowered FORCE behind your shifting world of circumstance, allows you to see the profound impact your individual Light has on all life.

See yourself as VITAL to the adaptable and malleable world you see. See your thoughts ~ actions ~ and choices as the controlling factor for that which reveals itself, so that you begin understanding how MASTERFUL you are in all moments.

Never are you without control over your environment ~ experience ~ and reality. If you see a less-than-desired experience flowing your way, use your innate FORCE OF WILL and choice to shift the approaching energy.

BE THE ALCHEMIST ~ and shift the Light organically.

Is hostility or unworthiness flowing to you from another?? Be the motivating element that causes that hostility to MELT and dissipate. Meet the shadowed energy with LOVE, and watch it transform.

For that original elemental force can not elementally remain the same when a new element meets and greets it head on. A reaction occurs.

And, because (by natural order and decree) YOU are responsible for your own energy, the opposing energies (flowing to you) will always bow down to YOUR chosen mode of being ~ seeing ~ and experiencing.

If Love is the force you meet all opposing energy with, then LOVE will transform all that approaches.

Be clear in your own knowing of how the universe works.

You are sovereign governor of your own Sacred Space.

Any element of Light (or shadow) you choose to embrace, shall govern the reaction of opposing energies in that sacred space.

Never ~ are you at the mercy of another’s world view. You are Master ~ Designer ~ Creator ~ and Healer of every moment that can be.

Do not conceal the power that you hold.

Do not pass the torch of responsibility.


Thank YOU Dear Merlin!!   How do I thank you enough!?!?

Be all that we know you can be.

We love and honor you, and the force of DIVINE WISDOM you are. For quite often that is your motivating element of choice.

The intrinsic call in you to see ~ understand ~ and know the greatest vibrational TRUTH, shall always call to yourself greater learning and awareness.

That’s beautiful. To us, that means that your personal paradigms are changing at ever-increasing rates. So please, when you see yourself, do not only see where you’ve been. See the great path that now leads you to an ever-expanding perspective of the INFINITE and BRILLIANT YOU!!

You are only confined by that which you BELIEVE to be true!!    So as your view expands, so do YOU.

Be extraordinary my dear!!  It is the most natural You.

Thank YOU Dear Father!! I am forever grateful for your presence, your love, and your support!! Please continue to walk with me, and guide me on my journey of discovery and truth. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2014

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