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Philosophical ME

I’ve been quite silent this week.    My body has been upgrading its circuitry…by means of a full-fledged human cold.     Which also means that i had an opportunity to lovingly disconnect from the routines and requests of LIFE (or what I believed was Life) for just a moment or so.

By stilling myself completely (in order to honor my physical form)…i found myself in an empty space.    There was no need to check emails, update social media, honor my scheduled appointments (apologies were made), or BE anything that the world required of me.    For in truth…i had very little to offer this week.    So…i found myself in what can be called ‘an empty space’.

It was (and is) beautiful!!!    For that empty space becomes a blank slate to build from!!    Because there is no predestined calling (and no physical energy to maneuver with)…IMAGINATION became my vehicle of transportation.    With this gift of physical stillness…my spirit took FLIGHT!!

I meditated often (strengthening the bond I have with my radiant Spirit Guides)…and I opened books that I rarely have time to enjoy.     I was touched and inspired by Plato, Hermés, Ancient Vedic Texts, Rudolf Steiner, and Alice Bailey.     I bounced from book to book searching for the VOICE that would mirror my own.   It took me a long moment to realize that what I was drawn to in each of these authors…was their PHILOSOPHICAL SPIRIT!!    Their ability to search for great TRUTH…while dreaming of the possibilities.

I don’t believe that any philosopher ever denies the possibility of a greater understanding than they currently have.    For i believe that they each are passionate about the QUEST for true Knowledge and Wisdom…and weave that innate drive into all they do.     They also know how to stand strong when conveying their personal interpreted Truth!!     Their voice…and their message…has power because they BELIEVE that it does!!

A true philosopher believes that his INSIGHT is enough to fathom truth from the universe…and its signs.    He believes his insight to be a GIFT…and he honors that gift as unique and special.      He honors the privilege of being a Philosopher…even though no concrete evidence can prove his dissertations.

There is PRIDE in being unique…and revealing a world of possibilities yet unseen.

That is all quite true.    But today…I take all of this knowledge and contemplate on the PHILOSOPHICAL ME!!   

I have always held philosophers in the highest of regard…melting over my first introduction to Socrates back in the 80’s.    For quite a while I wished to see the world from every philosopher’s eyes.    Whether they saw turmoil and disharmony…or evolutionary empowerment and hope…they always SAW their Truth!!    They each looked deeper than appearances allowed…and raised consciousness to IMAGINE itself outside of the structured box.

A true philosopher (whether in agreement with my opinions or not) will always ignite a flame within my soul.    And until just TODAY…I would never have imagined that this natural reaction is because I AM A PHILOSOPHER at heart!! ♥

I don’t believe that it’s a role you step into or don on occasion.    Either your heart beats for the ‘pursuit’ of Truth and Knowledge…or it simply admires it in due time.    I can see now that I AM a philosopher through and through.    And what makes this discovery so important to me….is that it allows me to recognize the importance and POWER of my own voice!!

I wish to feed and nurture that part of me that IMAGINES higher truths and understandings!!   I wish to unveil hidden mysteries…and dis-empower long accepted structure and limitation.     I wish to reach for Sacred Knowledge and re-introduce it into our daily lives!!

On a soul level….these are my prayers and my deepest wishes!!    NOW….I am the one who must honor and accept the PRIVILEGE of sharing the philosophical truths I perceive!!  

And yes.   I know many of you believe that I already do.    But no.    I have much more to share…with many more than we currently see.     It’s time to honor and accept my VOICE as unique!!    It’s time to recognize the potential I hold within…and to TRUST the calling of my divine destiny!!

I have the GIFT of vision and sight ~ of knowing and truth.     It’s TIME to feed that part of my spirit and soul!!!

And although it may sound that I’m speaking to each of you today….I deeply believe that it’s mySELF i’m wishing to convince and awaken.   (((Smile)))

It takes great bravery to believe you are meant to walk a unique path.    But I shall do my best to TRUST this great Truth!!

I AM Special and Unique!!    And so are YOU!!

In JOY and Ever-expanding Wonder,



3 thoughts on “Philosophical ME”

    1. You are very very kind!! I am deeply honored!! ♥ I believe that we are each such a support to each other on our journeys!! I shall peek at your post and decide how I can return the compliment…and love!! Thank YOU sweet friend!!


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