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It All Begins Within

Imagine a world where our dreams easily become a manifest reality!!    Can you see the BEAUTY that I now speak of??   In this world of dreams come true…each soul walks tall with a great sense of peace, pride and contentment.    They naturally feel safe, protected and blessed.    They are without the need to be anything other than that which they WISH to be!!   For in this dream-like world of infinite possibilities…only that which we choose becomes our manifest reality.

This is the Shangri-La so many of us would love to know.   But…HOW do we transform the world we are currently a very real part of…into the world that does manifest our dreams as we wish them to be??

Well…my dear friends…IT ALL BEGINS WITHIN!!

Take a moment to think about where you find yourself right now.    Are you fully content with all you see…or do you have plans for yourself and your evolutionary journey??   Being honest and clear with yourself right now…will bring the  that is needed to seed your new reality.

For if you choose to believe that life is a journey of mysterious circumstance…then you will continue on that path of misdirected accountability.   That is beautiful…for you.    I honor your brave choice!!

But if you choose to accept authority for that which you CAN change and affect in your life…then I applaud your strength and fortitude!!   By accepting responsibility for your CHOICES…you can also build an awareness within of how you think, create, and respond to opportunities in your world.    And that is the beginning of shifting your current experience.

We must begin to recognize that as humans…we live in DUALITY!!    We can often identify with both sides of a spectrum.   We can see success for ourselves in one moment…and demise for ourselves in the next.   We often never notice that as we put all of our effort into manifesting beauty and prosperity in our life….that we also subconsciously believe that disappointment and lack is a potential possibility!!    Without recognizing it…we are self-sabotaging our own efforts!!

But…no more my friends!!   THE DOUBT STOPS HERE!! ♥

With our new-found gift of awareness we can recognize that we subconsciously give credence to both potential outcomes and realities.      And we can now bring change to that which no longer serves us!!

No longer do we wish to re-cycle the same pattern of status quo!!   No longer do we choose to look straight ahead while subconsciously responding to an experience long gone by!!

Find your strength my friends!!    This is where we affect CHANGE in our lives!!   Deep within your heart and soul…begin seeing the clear path of Prosperity, Joy, Accomplishment, and Success as your personal TRUTH once again!!   Let go of the why, when, where or how.    See yourself as WORTHY…and know that that is enough!!

For our fortitude and faith in these optimistic expectations will be challenged from time to time.   But only YOU can allow the seeds of doubt or of faith to take root in your personal world!!    And that’s where your strength will be needed.    It’s up to you to stand strong…claiming only the vision that you CHOOSE!!

Our experiences will surely be shaped by the thought processes and beliefs we embrace.

If it is a program of fitness and health that you choose to undertake…do not see the daunting levels of physical endurance that will be needed.   Redirect your energy to see the healthy impact you make on your world by joyfully honoring the program you have designed for yourself!!    When we focus on the benefits…the challenges no longer seem so challenging.

And if it is a new and inspiring job that you choose to embrace...see the JOY of finding a workplace and team that support your journey!!   See yourself being at home in the new energy…and others appreciating the effort you share.    See yourself feeling GRATITUDE for all that is brought to you.    Release the belief that it’s too good to be true.    You are worthy of every imaginable BLESSING and JOY!!

Can you now see that it is our personal Belief System that shapes our experience??   Slowly, as we begin to trust in the prosperity and blessings as our divine right and reality…SO IT WILL BE!!

As we genuinely BELIEVE that we are protected, safe and loved…our world will naturally and powerfully reflect only the self-empowering truths we wish to know.   And SO…we will have created the Shangri-La I previously spoke of above!!


Do you have the strength to see your greatest potential and success becoming manifest??   Are you ready to welcome only Blessings and Love into your life??    If so…your world is filled with infinite possibility!!

I wish you each BLESSINGS on your journey!!   May you know only LOVE!! ♥

In JOY and Ever-flowing Gratitude,





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