Spirit Teachings

The Impermanence of All Things

We each have a deeply seeded belief that to “let go” is to lose.

Who ever initiated that thought, teaching, and belief??    It’s not a very divine perspective. ♥

For our divinity reminds us that we are INFINITE in our experience ~ our potential ~ and our BEing!!

There are NO BOUNDARIES placed on our experiences…and NO LIMITATIONS to that which can easily manifest for us.    So why do we cling to that which we currently “know”??

I don’t wish to imply that the other side of the fence is always greener…or greater wonder awaits at the rainbow’s end.    I don’t wish to direct your attention forward and tell you that all you now have is inferior to that which is coming.   (((Smile)))

In truth…we are surrounded by Love ~ Support ~ Guidance ~ Inspiration ~ and Divine Light in all moments!!    So one can not be “better” than another.

But…I shall tell you dear friends…that LIFE is an ebb and flow of energy!!    All things naturally come and go.   And with each moment of influx and release…comes an opportunity to welcome new blessings and release that which no longer mirrors the wise souls that we’ve become.

For we can not possibly recognize the genuine BRILLIANCE that flows through each of us right now.    For a full and beautiful lifetime…we’ve been evolving and learning ~remembering and embracing ~ even greater ways of BEing!!    We are no longer who we once were last week, month, or year.    We have grown!!

And so we must recognize…that as we evolve and grow ~ expand and explore ~ we SHIFT OUR VIBRATIONS…and naturally call to ourselves greater opportunities to see ~ be ~ and celebrate life!!    

That’s the natural order!!

But…I believe…that our indoctrinated selves RESIST that flow of re-birth and re-lease.

Because shift and change brings uncertainty…we cling to the comforting walls of that which we intimately know….even when Spirit shouts:

“You Are Free!!   Imagine The Possibilities!!”

We have each learned to be strong and warrior-like.    But sometimes…it suits our beautiful spirits to simply say:

“Thank You For This Opportunity To Re-birth My Beautiful Being!!”

Perhaps it’s only a shift of perspective that will alter your reality in a powerful way.    Perhaps it’s in welcoming greater prosperity and joy…that your journey will be blessed.    And perhaps you will be guided to joyfully and bravely break down every sense of structure that once served you.

Given the choice…do you wish to stay safely in status quo??    Or…do you wish to align more fully with that which DIVINE SOURCE has planned for you??

It is…after all…only a choice!!

There is a time – space – and purpose for all things.    And when that journey feels naturally complete…throw your arms out to the universal energies that love you…and scream:

“Show Me More!!”

For I AM worthy of Prosperity ~ Joy ~ Wonder ~ Magic ~ Light  ~ and Love!!      Lead me to that which lovingly mirrors the BEAUTY of all I am!!

And…so it is!! ♥

To cling…is to limit the flow of divine truth.

To trust…is to know that you are worthy of no less than divine energy.   So…no less can possibly be!!

May you each know deep peace and effortless bravery as you explore the possibilities that await you!!

In JOY and Ever-flowing LOVE,


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