Mystical Musings

Be The Change ~ Give LOVE

Stop Here and Now Stop ...and BE Present!! ♥ We Each Have The Ability...Here and Now...To Make The Difference!! We Each Have The Ability...Here and Now...To Be The Change!! ♥ Soooooooo...Feel The LIGHT Flowing Strong Within and... GIVE LOVE Here and Now

Spirit Teachings

The Highest Perspective

They sound like simple, straight-forward words.   Don't they??    As if "The Highest Perspective" indicates a pristine point of truth and knowing to bring clarity. In truth...they have the potential to signify that pristine point of truth and knowing.    But...only we can be the ones to truly welcome that unadulterated knowledge and wisdom… Continue reading The Highest Perspective

Mystical Musings

Creatures of Habit

For we are creatures of habit!! Rarely do we process any single moment with fresh eyes and with fresh sensory perception.   In fact, we usually recognize a reminder of moments gone by...and then naturally envision our past re-creating itself (before we ever remember that this is a NEW moment). Each and every moment is… Continue reading Creatures of Habit

Mystical Musings

Stillness Speaks

Can it be??   Can it be that in order to fully recognize, sense, and enjoy the blessings of this world...we must learn to Still ourselves first?? It's just a bit more than a week ago now...that a dear sister placed her hand on my knee (in sweet caring expression) and uttered the words "Stillness… Continue reading Stillness Speaks