Mystical Musings

Stillness Speaks

Can it be??   Can it be that in order to fully recognize, sense, and enjoy the blessings of this world…we must learn to Still ourselves first??

It’s just a bit more than a week ago now…that a dear sister placed her hand on my knee (in sweet caring expression) and uttered the words “Stillness Speaks!!”.

In that moment…all paused itself in Life and Creation.   The whispered words were thunderous in their impact…and my world was forever shaken.

For I’d heard these words many times before.   But this time…i truly heard them!!   They took on greater meaning.   They became a font of ever-expanding Truth and Power!!

In the stillness…the chase for “another” moment or experience ceases…and this moment can be honored as PERFECT!!   In the stillness…you can see Divine Order touching each aspect of your path and journey.   Nothing of importance can be out of place in this moment.    If you are here…then there is still a message, knowing, or understanding to embrace.   And in the stillness…you shall most certainly find it.

Communicating clearly with Spirit is part of my daily practice.   I easily sense their Love in all moments…and hear their words of caring guidance whenever I request.    But shortly after that earth-shattering wisdom was conveyed…all I could hear them lovingly communicate to me was “Stillness Speaks”.     I knew that I was seeking information that could not be relayed through mere words.    I knew that there was a precious teaching unfolding for me…and I would not truly know it’s depth til I found stillness and silence within.

So…on the morn preceding our full moon (and epic full moon eclipse)…I spontaneously decided to stay physically silent until our full moon ceremony that evening.

My intention was to still myself enough…that I may be open to receive.   And…it worked.    I woke my 11 year old son up that morning with a sign that said “I Love You!!   I would like to stay silent today.    Will you help me??”.

Thankfully he’s used to my unorthodox view of the world…so he immediately wished to support me.    It became a game to see how much we could communicate with just our eyes, hands, and expressions.   We lacked no intimacy that morning.   In fact, it was a moment I’ll always treasure.

However, it took a bit of strength and focus to interact with the rest of the world that way.    I found that those who already understood the power of Love above words…easily accepted that I needed this moment of silence.    I would talk to them tomorrow.    But those who require the validation of physical support and care…had a more difficult time understanding why i wouldn’t say the simplest words.

Let me be clear.    I knew in all moments that if words were truly needed…I would joyfully speak.   But…what I discovered was that LOVE could easily be conveyed in stillness and silence.    It was the “shallow” words (by comparison) that didn’t have easy expression in the silence.

I chose not to break my treasured gift of silence for any sentiments that were not truly needed.    And from that gift of silence…I learned to see each moment as a blank opportunity.   It is not pre-ordained for us!!   It only feels that way because we have already put actions in motion to push us through that moment with force.    We are the only directors, navigators, and leaders of our own tale!!

Rarely can we sense that the “push” we so often feel…originated within!!    We placed that original pressure, expectation, and way of being upon ourselves!!   We allow that feeling of “rush” to be an acceptable way of living.

If we’d each like to know greater Peace within…we first need to create a world that supports and honors that Peace within!!

It’s not easy.    Many of us are so caught up in the “rush”…that we don’t realize how arbitrary it is.    I have been finding myself seeking balance all week.   I don’t really know that I’ve been successful.    I’m still resisting the stillness a bit…but I’m doing my best to welcome it…and learn that life can be much more rewarding when I’m not chasing it down. ♥

Please know that stillness does not signify seclusion or isolation!!    It is stillness of ego, illusion, pride, outer force, and perceived structure that I speak of.   When these elements are stilled…only the Power of Truth is felt!!

So take these words today…and sense how many of your thoughts or actions are conveyed in simple authenticity and love.    Are you continuously running to an ever-receding goal??   Or is now the perfect time for you to still your mind and know that “Stillness Speaks”??

In Joy and Ever-expanding Love,


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