Mystical Musings

Creatures of Habit

For we are creatures of habit!!

Rarely do we process any single moment with fresh eyes and with fresh sensory perception.   In fact, we usually recognize a reminder of moments gone by…and then naturally envision our past re-creating itself (before we ever remember that this is a NEW moment).

Each and every moment is most genuinely INDEPENDENT of the next…and the last!!   But we…as creatures of habit…instantly see ourselves catching a cold if we find ourselves out in the rain without a jacket.   We see ourselves being potentially hurt by another the moment we let them in.   And we see ourselves growing old before we ever show signs of doing so.

I believe that each of us are creating our yet-to-be-determined reality by the set of guidelines and parameters that we have each adopted from a previous experience.

Can you recognize that now??   Can you recognize that we are simply caught in a cycle of repetitive beliefs and expectations??

I’m beginning to see how profoundly true this is.

We giggled and laughed yesterday…for our Easter holiday together.   But…I noticed at several different points…that I had planned the day with old memories of what made me happy for a holiday.   I looked so forward to food and experiences that once brought me great joy…only to remember that those same foods and experiences don’t represent the current me!!  (((Smile)))

I shifted, grew, and evolved…without recognizing that I no longer am who I once was. ♥

I had asked myself what I’d like to do for the holiday…and then drew conclusions from the holidays that had once represented great fun.    I didn’t even think to imagine a holiday filled with new experiences.

And now…I contemplate how often I do this on an average day.

I went to bed imagining an outcome for my son at school…that is certainly yet-to-be-determined.   And I have already envisioned this week being filled with experiences that are absolutely yet-to-be-determined.

I ~ of all people ~know that miracles, wonder, and unseen blessings are not only possible…but probable.   I know to open myself to the infinite potential that can genuinely be!!

And yet…I can see now that I forget to do so on a natural and regular basis.

How silly of me!!!

My new mantra will now be “LIFE IS YTBD!!”.    That’s “yet-to-be-determined” if you haven’t already sensed it. ♥

“Life Is YTBD!!”

It feels good to say that.   Doesn’t it??

Now all we have to do is be open and receptive to the miracles, wonder, and infinite potential that can be!!

Dear Spirit…Help me to welcome the ever-flowing blessings that can be!!   Help me to see each day with fresh eyes and fresh wonder…while learning to be truly present in the GIFT of here and now!!    And please help me to see myself creating ~ most passionately ~ all that brings me joy and love!!

Each moment is a precious opportunity to discover, imagine, express, and create!!    

Let that be my guiding core-belief today…and all days.

Thank you for this clear vision…and for the inspiration to begin imagining my world anew.

In Joy and Deep Gratitude,


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