Spirit Teachings

The Highest Perspective

They sound like simple, straight-forward words.   Don’t they??    As if “The Highest Perspective” indicates a pristine point of truth and knowing to bring clarity.

In truth…they have the potential to signify that pristine point of truth and knowing.    But…only we can be the ones to truly welcome that unadulterated knowledge and wisdom in.

You see…”Show Me From The Highest Perspective” has been part of my prayer to Spirit since my very first request to receive information from Divine Source.     It allowed me to cut through the clinging ego…and reach to the greatest point of God’s Light and Truth.     Those words symbolized safety and support…and were the reason my messages became so profound and powerful!!

Without realizing what I was asking for…I knew that only the highest perspective was enough for me.

That simple prayer opened doors of wisdom, healing, and knowing that continue to amaze me full-heartedly.    It speaks of a perspective beyond physical sight.    And yet…today I realize that even the prayer of “The Highest Perspective” can only bring to you the perspective you are ready and willing to see!!

It’s not enough to simply say the words.    A great surrender must come from within…to accept the highest perspective as valid and true!!    Until then…you will only be shown your highest perspective. (((Smile)))

I learned this today because I used this prayer most genuinely yesterday.    I was seeking wisdom, clarity, and truth regarding a dear loved one and their journey.    I found love and greater peace almost instantly…once I asked to see.     But…I never found true peace through out the day.    I was sensitive.   I felt vulnerable.   And although I found love and greater peace…I was still unsure.    My world stood still…in pause…because their journey was incomplete.

You see….I was seeking the highest perspective through my human set of parameters.    I was looking for the answers from that which appeared.    There was no sense of surrender within…because I subconsciously believed that there could be a positive or a negative outcome.    I believed that another seemingly insignificant soul could impact the experience of the soul I loved.

I went to sleep most faithfully…asking for guidance.     And this morning…I awake fully inspired…truly seeing the highest perspective!!

From the highest perspective…I see this brilliant soul in the Light that most genuinely is their truth!!     I see the wisdom that they bravely hold within…and I see the perfect order of every moment!!     I see every unique player in this scenario fully supporting the soul I love…and bringing natural healing to this experience.

For now I see…the highest perspective isn’t simply a place of privileged sight and knowing.     It’s a space and vibration of enlightened BEing!!    By welcoming this pure vibration of Love and Compassion into our lives…we re-create our current experience to mirror the loving and compassionate vision we see and accept (as valid and true).     

By welcoming the highest perspective…we shift our reality to represent the love we choose.

This morning…from this highest perspective…I hold no questions or curiosities.    I hold no uncertainty or concern.    I sense only Gratitude and Joy flowing through me most powerfully…even though nothing on this earth realm has apparently shifted yet.

As I said yesterday in my post Creatures of Habit…”Life Is YTBD!!” (yet-to-be-determined).    Why would I have imagined anything less than a perfect outcome?!?!

Thank you for every blessing dear spirit!!   Thank you for inspiring me to always see from “The Highest Perspective”!!   I am forever grateful!!

And to each loving spirit in my blogging family….may you see the LOVE that now genuinely surrounds you!!    May you see the opportunities and possibilities that flow.    May you see, live, and experience from the highest perspective in all moments!!

You are loved!!

In Joy and Gratitude,




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