Spirit Teachings

Limited Vision ~ Unshakable Knowing

Here’s what I know:

I know I can’t see it all!!   I know that my “perception” of limitation is not my truth!!   I know that the universe is infinite in its potential…and therefore S O   A M   I.
Now…..it is my privilege and honor to embrace this greater truth until it is my U n s h a k a b l e   K n o w i n g!!

That’s where I sometimes find the difficulty.   I momentarily forget about the wonder that most certainly is awaiting me…and “feel” like I haven’t done enough or haven’t made a wise choice.

Haaaa…those “feelings” can really trip us up.  Can’t they??

And so I remember that even though I have limited vision…All is in most perfect and ever-joyful divine order for me!!!

In this very moment…true and magical wonder is creating itself for me!!   My only responsibility is to honor and trust the beauty that I most naturally am…and the love and prosperity I am worthy of!!


Dear Spirit…I full-heartedly welcome the unseen miracles and possibilities that are creating themselves for me!!    I welcome every blessing and sacred gift that offers itself…in love!!   I step into my “unshakable knowing”…remembering that the universe loves me more than I can imagine…and I already AM pure sacred perfection manifest!! ❤️

Thank YOU Dear Spirit!!

I   A M   B L E S S E D!!

In Joy and Gratitude,


2 thoughts on “Limited Vision ~ Unshakable Knowing”

  1. Greetings !
    I am a close friend of Cyndi Norris
    my husband and I would both ask the honor of a reading from you
    could you please email me with how we might arrange that?
    we so enjoy your website and your gifts of self and spirit


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