Spirit Teachings

Harborer of Guilt

Can it be??

Beneath the frustration of being in a predicament that makes me feel a bit helpless or powerless…could I actually be holding great guilt about not being more than I naturally am???

Consciously I don’t know that I could have made any decision differently than I have.    And yet…I simultaneously hold guilt that I wasn’t able to make it all perfect for everyone!!

Do you hear those words??

“Perfect for everyone”??

What expectations have I silently placed upon myself??

In more ways than I can count over these last few weeks…I’ve been feeling that I have not been enough for that which was needed.    I factually know that I’ve been all I can genuinely be in each moment!!   I’ve shared, acted, and dreamt from a space of deep Love.    I’ve made great effort to find Balance and Peace.    And I’ve envisioned a beneficial outcome for all…in every moment.

What makes me believe (within) that I must be the provider of every comfort and blessing another knows??    No one has placed (or can place) these expectations upon me.    This feeling of powerlessness comes from within!!

BUT….I honestly know that it’s irrational!!!    I consciously know that it does not represent the truth of my heart.    These emotions are coming from a deeper space of harbored guilt…and finding expression outwardly so that I may shift this belief system!!

These are old thoughts, old beliefs, old emotions!!

So…hear me now:

Guilt has no place in my heart or soul!!!

Dear Spirit…I would like to clear, transmute, and re-program each and every belief in me that believes “I could be more”!!!    I can not be more than I genuinely am!!!    All I genuinely am is enough!!

May all vibrations and considerations of guilt be transmuted!!     May I be fully and completely free from these limited thoughts!!    May I see the bright difference I make in this world!!    May I honor and celebrate the beauty I genuinely am!!

Thank YOU!!

With Blessings and Ever-flowing Love,



2 thoughts on “Harborer of Guilt”

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Gina!! I shall not stand quietly by and accept less than my Truth!! Lol I’m also a great fan of your inspirational posts as well!! ♥ It’s a pleasure to dance with you on this journey of discovery!!



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