Spirit Teachings


Can it ever truly come from outside of yourself??

This morning acceptance fills me…and it brings only PEACE!!

I can see now that acceptance of another or by another…can only come from within.    Acceptance of a precious gift or offered opportunity…can only come from within.   Acceptance of a circumstance or of a greater truth…can only come from within.

We can entertain ourselves all day long with the search for validation, security, and worthiness (of that which we wish to accept).   But in truth…only we can come to that space within our hearts that trusts all is most genuinely perfect as it is!!

Each discomfort we come across is a sign of something or someone desiring change.    But we so often redirect our attention to find cause, blame, or purpose for the discomfort.   Wouldn’t it be easier to ask ourselves “What would bring comfort and ease to this moment??“.

If we allowed ourselves to be absolutely truthful…without self-judgment or guilt…we would act upon our hearts-desire and naturally welcome Peace and Serenity to ourselves!!    I believe that if we understood ourselves (and our deepest truths)…we would be able to gently convey them to those who surround us.

When we find ourselves speaking or acting just a little bit bolder…it’s because a trigger of defense has arisen in us.   In some unrecognizable way we wish to prove our point, validate our choice, or defend our actions.

We’ve been re-acting in such a way for countless millennia and lifetimes.   But…does that mode of ‘being’ still serve and represent us??

We are the brave ones who are re-structuring accepted norms every single day!!    We…together… are creating new and more compassionate paradigms with every prayer and inspirational intent!!   So…isn’t it time to realize that our greatest genuine truth in each moment is already valid and purposeful!!!

If we learn to honor our natural emotions…without judgment…we’ll learn to accept the natural flow of life, change, choice, and being!!    If we need no-thing and no-one to align with perfection…and can simply accept the truth that is…


I wish you each a lifetime filled with Joy, Acceptance, and Love!! ♥

You already are PERFECT to me!!

In Gratitude and Sweet Remembrance,


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