Spirit Teachings

The Dream Perspective

For no apparent reason…do you ever feel like you’re just witnessing life…instead of participating in it??

I’m not speaking of the impact our actions or non-actions create.    No matter what our physical self participates in…I sometimes find myself in deep contemplative moments that make Life seem a bit abstract and nonsensical.   It’s as if this is the dream...and I’m just witnessing.   Albeit…sometimes as a first-person participant.

In these moments…I can witness my body going through the dutiful and even joyful motions…but it all seems a bit meaningless.    My mouth utters words of love, care, and truth…but it all seems a bit shallow.

I’m sitting here now…in the beautiful sunshine, a breeze is blowing gently, the water is calling my name, and over the last few hours I’ve genuinely stated “thank you” to the universe more times than I can count.    So why does this dream perspective suddenly overtake me today??

I don’t actually have answers for you.  (((Smile)))    I ask this question in deep reverence.    How can I feel so joy-filled and connected one moment…and far-removed the next??

Dear Spirit…do you have any words of wisdom to offer and share??     I’d be most appreciative.

There’s a change taking place deep within your being.     On one hand the concrete world…and its once-accepted structure…is breaking down at a core level.    All that once had meaning and purpose…has lost that measure of importance.    You’re recognizing the disconnect…not from Life…but from the perceived world you once knew!!
Life is re-creating itself for you!!   L I F E  is filling you with more joy than you’ve ever known…but this intangible wonder and joy is not quantifiable in the perceived world you once knew.    Your personal values have shifted…opening your heart to expand.     And then…you look back at the “world” that is calling you…and recognize that it’s not your world any more.
That doesn’t mean that the physical world you recognize has no purpose or meaning for you!!!!     It means that the perceived world you once knew has no purpose or meaning for you!!    So….WAKE UP FROM THE DREAM…of feeling out-of-control and insignificant!!!    WAKE UP from the perception that you are far removed and separate from that which surrounds you!!!
We acknowledge that your “feeling” of disconnect is genuine…but your REALITY is much different!!! ♥
This is YOUR world!!

I can see now.      There is a genuine disconnect from the world I once believed in…but NOT in the world that is!!!    If the dream perspective comes over me again…I shall WAKE MYSELF UP!!!   Lol

Hope all of my ever-flowing emotional dramas entertain you fully…and perhaps INSPIRE YOU too (if you happened to be in your own dream world before reading this). ♥

BLESSINGS to all of my fellow Dreamers!!!!


In JOY and Infinite WONDER,


2 thoughts on “The Dream Perspective”

  1. Lovely post and I can totally relate. Everyday and in every moment is a chance to practice being present and awake.


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