Spirit Teachings


My son came home from 6th grade science class a few months ago and excitedly asked me “Mom, did you know that Energy can never be destroyed…only transformed!?!?”

On that day it was an awesome reminder of the wonder our earth holds.   That beautiful concept and truth excited me too.   But I must say that it took on no great meaning or power…until today!!

I was blessed with another fabulous Dream Teaching last night!!   And I sit here now (at 6:47am) amazed at the world and all that transpires here.

Throughout the night I was witness to Transformation at every level of creation and being!!   In this dream teaching…I was going through the ‘motions’ of life…but I was also aware of a deeper, usually un-noticed world that co-existed with our own.

Throughout the night I recognized exchanges taking place energetically.   In various ways…this plus this…creates that.    Or…that plus that…creates this.  (((Smile)))

The details in this dream teaching were un-important.    It was the deeper organic truth that held greater meaning for me!!

All that is created in this physical world…is built upon the gift and offering of something else!!

For hours I watched the wonder of simple cells within our human forms unite and re-generate into new cells!!

That sounds a bit boring…doesn’t it??    But it wasn’t.    It was like subliminal music and dance to me.   As I was moving through life…I was very aware of the transformation that was continuously taking place within our physical selves.    I could clearly see that (without judgment or validation) when this cell was no longer of service or necessary…it would merge, unite, or surrender to the chosen attribute of an accompanying cell!!

This is important.   So although it is simple…you must truly hear this part of my tale.

When a simple cell was ready and prepared to transform…it was never asked to do so alone!!   Each and every time…it merged, united, or surrendered to the cell or energy source that best supported it’s transformation!!

Think of it this way.   If we were living our entire lives in the middle of a rainforest…without outside communication or connection…we could not become a prima ballerina without the experience of witnessing, imagining, and welcoming the energy of a prima ballerina into our lives.

If someone walked to us that day and said “Become a prima ballerina here and now!!”…it would be meaningless!!    If we had some stored knowing and understanding of what that means…then somewhere along the road…that knowledge, wisdom, and energy had been shared with us.    Awareness is ours…and when the time is perfect…we would welcome (from the universal source of infinite light) all that supported our transformation into prima ballerina!!

All that we are creating, building, and imagining in our personal worlds…is built upon the gift and offering of all that is and has been!!!

A single step from point L to point M…would not have been possible without the previous steps that brought us to point L.    Each moment is a culmination of that which has been.    But…it is also a GIFT of potential and transformation!!!!

If we moved forward through point I, J, and K with the same mindset…then we would unite with the energy that supported that mindset…and all would remain status quo.    If at point L…we chose to experience something new…we would call in the energy that represented the path or transformation we choose!!    As we co-created with them for that next experience…we would be forever transformed!!

This is how we create our experiences and our worlds!!!     We need not have a blueprint for each step and each gateway of change!!    We do, however, need to have the will, desire, and faith to call-in and attract the energy we wish to work with and embrace!!

It is the natural order of life!!    All is re-creating itself simultaneously in this very moment.    Support surrounds us perpetually…feeding the world and experience we choose to create!!

That’s so important!!   “Support surrounds us perpetually…feeding the world and experience we choose to create!!”     If we look around us…plants, minerals, and all natural elements are programmed to honor the natural cycle of life.    It’s innate.

We are a bit different.   We’ve been offered an opportunity to choose our experience…and create our own destiny!!   But we have yet to comprehend what this truly means.

It means…that we must See the Light of that which we wish to embrace and transform into!!!    We must Welcome a Knowing of that which we choose to embody.     The how is not ours to take on.   It’s not necessary or purposeful.    Only the call or prayer is enough to bring change!!   All that energetically aligns with that call and prayer (at our greatest vibration of truth) will flow to us!!

When we authentically know what we wish to embrace…we will naturally merge, unite, and surrender to the energy form that supports our journey.   

And if I haven’t made it clear…there was one more teaching that was made apparent to me.   In order to create positively…we must see the positive!!     In order to welcome freedom…we must see ourselves as free in all moments!!

All truths are intrinsically subjective!!    Each beginning…is also the end of something else!!   Each expression of life…is a transformation of already existing energy.    New birth in the deep forest…comes after a cycle of a cold, dark, semblance of death.

But even the word death …has been deeply misconstrued on the physical.    We connect death with loss…and we see it as devastating.    But…what would happen if we honored the journey through transformation…and didn’t resist the cycle of death and rebirth??

Each experience, each relationship (with self or another), each expression of life…will continuously transform to honor the energy we wish to embrace.   Don’t judge or validate the journey!!    Honor and LOVE the opportunity!!!

We can often become stuck in the resistance to change.    But….do you really wish to remain status quo??    If discomfort arises at any point in our life…there is room for transformation!!   And transformation will only be a positive experience….if we wish it to be so!!

Don’t see our lives (and our world) as the discarded remains of what once was!!!   See it as the GIFT and EVOLUTION of what has been!!! ♥

In this exact moment…I am transforming what I believe to be real and possible.   And I could not have done it…without the support and teaching of my Spirit Guides in the dream state.    My heart wished to know more on a subconscious level…and so more became my reality!!

Thank you dear spirit!!   Thank you!!

In Joy and Absolute Ahhhhh-mazement,



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