Limitless Power…and Us

"What if" raw ~ limitless Power were flowing to you directly right here and now?? What would you do with it?? How would you utilize it?? How would you transform it into all that you choose?? It's real ~ it's pure ~ it's presenting itself to you!! Would you ponder its potential for a millenia… Continue reading Limitless Power…and Us

Spirit Teachings

The solution is within YOU!!

There's a great big beautiful part of us that knows that. And there's another great big beautiful part of us that believes the exact opposite!! We have FAITH that we are always provided for.    But we also hold the silent "What If??" fear within our being too. It's natural.   We've been living lifetimes… Continue reading The solution is within YOU!!

Spirit Teachings

Sacred Space Meditation ♥

Simply said....we each can be blessed by a SACRED SPACE that is unique and precious to us!!     We can lovingly create these supportive spaces in the physical world that surrounds us...or we can envision them in the sacred spaces of our heart and mind. Wherever you choose to CREATE this most certainly… Continue reading Sacred Space Meditation ♥

Channeled Messages

“It All Begins with Self-Worth”

I slept deeply and comfortably until about 3:30am.    I woke for no particular reason...and felt no pull to head directly back to sleep.    So...I decided to meditate for a bit...and place focus and intention on all that I'd like to manifest in my life. Without breaking that beautiful stillness that naturally is at… Continue reading “It All Begins with Self-Worth”

Mystical Musings

“Will-Power” Has No Place On My Journey

I've heard those words my whole life!! "Will-power will get you there!!" And...I believed that they held great truth...until just the last day or two. Suddenly they seem to speak of a battle with temptation...and some outside force. order to make myself clear...let me back up just a bit. A few months ago...I silently… Continue reading “Will-Power” Has No Place On My Journey

Spirit Teachings

Dear Earth Mother…FEED ME!!

In mind, in body, and in spirit....I call on you beautiful EARTH MOTHER to feed me!! Let the wonder of all you have to mine with each coming day!! I've walked the path of separation for too long...denying my own heritage and birthright.    But I'm back!! My spirit is calling out to you!!… Continue reading Dear Earth Mother…FEED ME!!

Channeled Messages

“One Step Leads You To The Next”

Dear Spirit...What message would bless me today?? One step leads you to the next!! All of your choices weave together like a beautiful orchestrated dance. are creating this dance freely as you go.     Each breath, each step, each leap...all naturally lead you to the next perfectly orchestrated expression. You are not… Continue reading “One Step Leads You To The Next”

Spirit Teachings

“Ages of Men Come and Go…”

Just a day or two ago...a friend asked me how to work in greater harmony with the electronics that are a necessary part of his day. I was able to instantly respond because I came to an elevated understanding (regarding computers and electronics) a few months back...during my own trying electronic challenges.   The whole awakening… Continue reading “Ages of Men Come and Go…”