Mystical Musings

Imprints and Effects

I don’t always stand in Awareness.

I wish to…and I intend to.   But there are times when the old-patterning that once made perfect sense to me…guides my actions and reactions still.

This old-patterning represents various forms of control, self-righteousness, and superior-knowing…and it is fully UN-necessary for the journey I now take.

SO…I am learning (with the greatest of effort) to be Aware of the lasting imprints my choices have upon all that surrounds me!!

It’s 3:49am…and in this stillness…I can see mySelf quite clearly.    I can see that during this most recent day…there were moments that I bravely offered compassion to those who would have once ruffled my feathers.    And…I can also see that certain comments, reactions, or thoughts could have been infused with a much greater vibration of compassion than they held.

This is not judgment of myself or my choices.    This is simply about Awareness!!    In this still and quiet moment…I can see that EACH of my choices to act and react has created an imprint on all I touched…and inspired an effect to take place.

That’s profound!!

If I had walked in absolute Awareness today…would I have offered the same words to others??    Would I have made the same choices??

I don’t think so.

Life is about “inter-acting” with others!!

And I believe that it is time for me to recognize how I affect another!!!

Quite often I only see how the world affects me.    I forget to recognize that to others…I am “the world”.

I naturally hold the ability to create a kind, compassionate and encouraging imprint…AND the ability to create a less-than kind, compassionate and encouraging imprint.    They both inspire very different effects…naturally.

SO…can I find the wisdom within me to be a more positive inspiration in this great big beautiful world???

I will certainly try!!

I choose to see the potential, the beauty, the innocence, and the light in each radiant moment!!

And then….just perhaps…if I truly SEE a world of potential, beauty, innocence and light only…all other potential paradigms will lose validity for me…and naturally fall away.

Ohhhhhhhhh…what a BEAUTIFUL world that would be!!

Dear Spirit…May I BE An Uplifting Inspiration In All Moments!!

In Joy and Ever-expanding Wonder,


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