Mystical Musings

“Where God Lives”

I remember church being a beautiful experience when I was younger.    I remember feeling privileged to be “where God lives”.

As an adult…I seldom attended mass regularly.    I firmly believed that God saw me and loved me…no matter where I was!!    I spoke to him daily (with candid heart-felt authenticity) and trusted that He was guiding my ever-spiraling journey.

I would return to church whenever I felt the desire to strengthen my connection with God…or to offer gratitude for one miracle or another in my life.

But….as I became more intimate and at home with the loving God that walked with me each day…I had greater and greater difficulty accepting the judgmental God portrayed in the Catholic Church.

I knew a God that loved me unconditionally…not in spite of.     I sensed His ever-flowing support because it’s natural…not because I begged or earned it through martyrdom.     I sacrificed nothing to BE at One with His radiant Light!!

The God I knew…lifted me up to celebrate life!!    The God the church portrayed….kept us small (without a voice) and indebted for any blessings or salvation we receive.

And yet…for a long time…I thought that I was judgmental and un-loving because I couldn’t align with the energies of “church” every Sunday morning.     I would dress beautifully…and drive TO the church at the appointed time…but TURN my car just inches before entering the church parking lot.    I would drive to the nearest nature setting I could find….and joyfully BE in God’s presence for the next hour or two.

It took me a while to admit that I knew a greater God beneath that tree…than I did in that church.

Through the years…in all of my personal communications with God and the Divine Energies of LIGHT….I have discovered a GOD that expands beyond all human comprehensions of His being.

God IS Love!!

God IS Truth!!

God IS Life!!

God IS Light!!

I’m not saying that He simply represents these attributes.   I’m saying that He IS the gift of Love, Truth, Life, and Light!!

God ~ Spirit ~ Source ~ Creator are all ONE and the same!!    All that IS…is God Divine!!

Can you imagine how lifted any congregation would be to hear that GOD LOVES without stipulation!?!?

How can we get there??

How can we remind every beautiful soul that “God Lives Within”!?!?

Never can we be without his Love.    Never can we be separate.   Never can we be forsaken.

In honor of those I deeply love and care for…I attended a Catholic Mass last week.     In the reverent silence…I sensed the devotion each parishioner held in their hearts.     They were each here with pure intent…to welcome God and Jesus into their lives!!     But every word that came through the pulpit and the devotional hymns…reminded us that we were sinners, we were unworthy, we needed to earn our place with Jesus in the after-life, and the ‘church’ is our only salvation.

I asked Spirit to show me the GOOD that was taking place…and I could only find it in the innocent and pure hearts of every beautiful soul participating.      The words and actions of the mass had become even harsher to me…in contrast to the inspirational spiritual world I knew.

To each and every soul present…I wished to stand up and scream “GOD LIVES WITHIN YOU”!!!

And then…I reminded myself “who am I to presume” that they don’t already have that knowing within their being.      They each have their own reason and purpose for being there that morning….and it is perfect for them!!    So I certainly do not wish to judge.     But….I do wish to remind each soul that they have “the gift of discernment” with them each day!!     They are not obligated to follow the traditions of the past…unless those traditions still support them on their journey.      We are each our own sovereign authority….and only WE can discern that which is right for each of us.

A church is only four walls….filled with the attributes and beliefs we place there.  It may be a space of respect, love, and inspiration….or of control, structure, and intimidation.       And a man (no matter the wardrobe or ceremonial title) is only a man….with the ability to act with kindly compassion…or ego-driven pride.

I believe that LIFE should be celebrated!!    And I believe that we should welcome people, places, and events into our lives…that support that prayer for celebration!! We have the right to be uplifted and inspired…if we choose!!

So….I remind each beautiful soul listening today….that “GOD LIVES WITHIN YOU”!!!

If church uplifts your spirit…..ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!!

But please do not feel that you are obligated to accept less than you deserve…because of any devotional obligation.

GOD ALREADY LOVES YOU…and wants only JOY to fill your heart!!



Your imperfection is only perceived!!    

Thank YOU for allowing me to speak genuinely this morning.      I can not express how deeply this topic touches me. ♥

In Ever-expanding Gratitude and Faith,



3 thoughts on ““Where God Lives””

    1. Sweetie…we are both privileged enough to be a Light in this world!! I know that even though you are at a physical distance now….our Light still supports each other in great ways!! I always sense your spirit inspiring me!! ♥ I love you!!


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