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Enlightenment Is For Everyone!!

Years ago (I will admit)…I felt inclined to keep certain high-vibrational teachings a bit hush-hush…in order to honor them with integrity and sincerity.

Well…that lasted for only a blink and a half…or two. (((Smile)))

Spirit made it very clear to me that:

“Truth should never be hidden…only shared in Love!!”

They informed me that Divine Truth and Empowering Perspectives could be shouted from every rooftop…by millions of brave and beautiful Lightworkers…and still there would be room on this earth for more!!

This is a time of great Remembrance!!    The KEYS to our ancient history, our greater knowing, and our infinite being…are being placed within our grasp!!   The wisdom is HERE…for those who wish to embrace it!!    The TRUTH is flowing free!!

I believe that we all have the ability to be prophets, to be poets, to be teachers, and to be heroes.   

We all have it within us…to welcome greatness into our being…in all moments!!

I’ve learned this from the guides and guardians who walk with me!!

You see….when we each begin awakening to recognize that there is something truly unique and special about ourselves….we wonder if that means “more” unique and special than any other soul.     That’s a fairly natural human thought.    We are all curious.   We all wonder.

But…I shall tell you the truth.   To be PURE LIGHT…you need not compare yourself with any other spirit!!!    Ever!!    Don’t see your accomplishment…in comparison to others.    Honor YOUR path…and all that you feel guided to do most authentically!!

Let go of how another will receive your personal truth!!    Let go of judging their preparedness!!   Let go of deeming them worthy!!

If it is truly DIVINE ENERGY you work with….you’ll wish to share it with all who would be blessed!!

I met someone today…who lowered her voice with every empowering word.     When words like “Ascension” and “Enlightenment” were used…she whispered so that the Secret would not get out.    And this affected me.

I know that this was done to imply privilege and special rights to this knowledge.    But in my heart….these great truths are the Heritage and Birth-right of EVERY beautiful soul!!    

There will always be those who are ready to embrace this information…today, tomorrow, and forever-more.    We should never imply that the knowledge or divine connection that I have today…is any greater than the million other prophets, poets, teachers, and inspirational heroes that have been and will be.

In my opinion…to censor any expression of Divine Love and Pure Energy…is to seek personal power and recognition.     As I just implied in my post “Where God Lives”…to place stipulations on worthiness is to covet control.

Once again…without judgment…I simply wish to remind you that only LOVE is true Divine Energy!!    All forms of pre-selection, divisioning and excluding…come from lower vibrations.    If someone tells you that “you” are worthy of inside information because you’re more special than another…be aware.    That’s judgment in disguise. ♥

In short….Enlightenment is not for a chosen few!!    It is for ALL who wish to know this path!!

And if your form of Divine Devotion requires me to join a secret club or covertly wink in dark corners of a room…it’s not for me.

Thank you for allowing me to passionately express myself!!    

I offer only LOVE!!

In Joy and Ever-flowing Wonder,




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