Spirit Teachings

“Are You Ready To Free Yourself…”

I wonder…how can I justly articulate all that transpired in those few short empowering moments!?!?

We had gathered yesterday evening to celebrate our natural growth and evolution on this great big journey called “Life”.      We reminded ourselves that evolution is a natural process…allowing us to honor where we’ve been while opening the door to ALL that awaits!!

So often we carry all we’ve known with us…in order to continue honoring that leg of the journey.    But that experience…was simply an EXPERIENCE!!    It has shaped us and molded us…and offered us opportunities to feel, know, and express when those opportunities best served us.

Now…in this moment…we are also blessed with an opportunity to DISCERN that which best serves us once again!!

If the energy of a past experience no longer represents your spirit….LET IT GO!!

You have shifted, changed, grown, and evolved since that moment in time!!    So….it is perfectly acceptable to honor that experience (for the gift it was) while allowing yourself to BE FREE in this moment!!

To “Be Free” in this moment…means to see yourself complete, perfect, and empowered AS YOU ARE!!

So…as the empowered beings we rightly are…we filled our lungs and hearts with a sacred breath…and then seeded a new paradigm of PEACE and LOVE on this earth with our prayers and intentions!!     Each prayer was filled with Divine Light and Energy…and then placed in a circle supported by crystals, stones, and candlelight.    This created a sacred vortex of LOVE for us each to stand in one by one.

With hearts elated…and bodies flowing to the rhythm that was oh so palpable…we each stepped into the vortex to receive and accept all that would be shared.

I stepped in with body still flowing in joy and gratitude…but felt the P-O-W-E-R still me so that I could clearly hear and receive!!     I first sensed the flood of true Divine Love fill me…and then an opportunity to merge with all of my sacred archetypes was presented.    Their presence was real…and they flowed IN to me one by one.     The compassionate one, the wise one, the teacher, the healer, and the master creator (and more)…all merged with me in order to spark REMEMBRANCE for all I’ve truly been.

And then…the LOVE of Divine Source pushed my body forward (while I remained grounded at the feet).    It was a nurturing push…that held me safe and allowed me to truly sense their Love clearing all that wasn’t needed.     So I offered gratitude…and brought my body back to center.      This gentle but force-filled push repeated itself three times.    On the third time they held me there and said:

“Are you ready to free yourself from all you believe yourself to be…so that you may step in to all you truly are!!”

Those words boomed through my being!!!    They carried snapshots of memories…reminding me that I often see myself as the limited one, the stuck one, or the imprisoned one.     And suddenly the words “ARE YOU READY??” awoke my being!!!

Am “I” ready to shatter the perception of all I am, need to be, and wish to be…so that I may accept what truly is????

My whole spirit screamed “YES!!” even though I knew that it would test my whole perception of what truth actually is.

But my decision is made….I CHOOSE TRUTH!!

Now…although I went to sleep fully empowered…I awoke feeling fully imprisoned.     My night was filled with various dreams that all kept me symbolically or physically imprisoned.     I remember shifting positions through out the night and thinking “what a horrible night”.     But I was caught in the cycle of believing that it was possible to be treated this way…so I didn’t fight it.

I awoke this morning…and first thought “Now I have to pray for guidance about what these dreams mean.”

And….in my awakened clarity I heard myself!!      NO!!!!     I won’t pray for guidance!!    I won’t discern who is seeking to imprison me…or ask how to free myself!!!


I can NOT be imprisoned or mis-treated in any way!!

The belief that I can be…is ILLUSION!!!

SO….perhaps my first step in breaking through illusion…is to no longer participate in its game!!


That feels so right and true!!    I shall no longer participate in the drama, the fear, the lack or judgment that can be!!



Whewwwww!!!   I feel so freeeeeeeee!!

Think about this for yourself tooooooo!!!    Are you ready to WELCOME the Love in without resistance???    Are you ready to accept that you already are perfect and divine???

I wish you BLESSINGS on your journey…whatever you choose!!   


In Joy and Deep Gratitude,


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