Spirit Teachings

“Ages of Men Come and Go…”

Just a day or two ago…a friend asked me how to work in greater harmony with the electronics that are a necessary part of his day.

I was able to instantly respond because I came to an elevated understanding (regarding computers and electronics) a few months back…during my own trying electronic challenges.   The whole awakening process is shared in the post Electronic Sensitivity?!?!.    But…back to this moment.

I was able to passionately tell him that we need to look at our electronics differently!!    They are blessings on our journeys!!    They allow us to expand our local communities to a global scale…so that we can easily communicate, inspire, and share in amazing ways!!

And suddenly…I had a vision.    

Spirit showed me…there in that moment…that NEVER has there been another moment in time that we (as humanity) were more focused and aligned in the pursuit of Self-Awareness, Empowerment, and Love!!    

Never has wisdom been able to SPREAD as quickly as it does now!!    Never has knowledge been available to every social tier of being in such clear and unadulterated ways!!    

Today…in this world wide web of communication…we are able to relay information FIRST HAND without censorship!!    We are able to respond…with our personal opinions…instantly!!     We are able to speak as we choose (regardless of how controlled you may believe us to be at times)!!

If we redirect our energy away from the politics and drama in the center ring…we would see that WE have the ability to energize the NEW PARADIGMS we wish to see!!    WE HAVE THE ABILITY!! ♥

We have more power, knowledge, resources, and capabilities than we ever have!!    It’s time to STOP LOOKING AT THE NEGATIVE!!    Look at the BLESSINGS that already are in place!!    WE ARE TRULY BLESSED!!      But….only WE have the ability to recognize these blessings and utilize them in productive ways!!

Through this vision…I felt the PRIVILEGE of being alive right now!!

What will I do with this new-found understanding??   I’m not sure.    But I certainly feel inspired to DREAM BIGGER for myself and our global community!!

I almost did not share this personal musing with you today.     I almost let this great message pass on…un-shared.    But…as I am spending time on writing my book this evening…I came across this simple quote from more than 6 years ago.    It aligns perfectly with this message…and encouraged me to beautifully share it with each of you today.

“Ages of Men Come and Go Without Ever Seeing The Greater Truth

…The Connection and Brotherhood With All Humanity!!”

Goddess of Light
May 26th, 2008
Channeled by Alania Starhawk

Think of this truth for yourself!!    It’s implications are endless!!

We are truly blessed to be alive and empowered at this moment in time!!

In Joy and Ever-Expanding Wonder,



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