Channeled Messages

“One Step Leads You To The Next”

Dear Spirit…What message would bless me today??

One step leads you to the next!!

All of your choices weave together like a beautiful orchestrated dance.    Only…you are creating this dance freely as you go.    

Each breath, each step, each leap…all naturally lead you to the next perfectly orchestrated expression.

You are not meant to see it all from above (a prophesied space) sometimes.   It would take the joy of experiencing and discovering away.

Sometimes anticipation is the best of all emotions!!

It’s exciting to not know what will be.   Then when it reveals itself…it is pure joy and magic for you!!

You are completely and truly surrounded, protected, and loved!!

This is not a time for confustion or distrust in your life.    This is a time for creation and passionate expression!!    It’s all here…and it’s coming quicker than you can imagine!!    

You’ve said “Bring It On!!”.   We hear your prayer, call, mandate, and proclamation!!     It’s all coming!!

Open the flood gates.   Don’t miss a moment of it all.

It’s time to C’ E’ L’ ~ EBRATE!!!

(For those who are not in my head…the “celebrate” was sung to me) ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

September 27th, 2010

Although this message was originally directed towards Alania in her personal prayers…it is genuinely directed towards EVERY radiant soul that is reading this!!      After years of channeling…I fully and completely recognize that “I” am only the channel for these TIMELESS MESSAGES of Love and Empowerment to come through!!

Please accept and honor that YOUR guides are speaking this message directly to you…if it so identifies with you!!    

Blessings on your journey beautiful brother and sister!!


In Joy and Deep Reverence for The LIGHT We Are,


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