Spirit Teachings

Dear Earth Mother…FEED ME!!

In mind, in body, and in spirit….I call on you beautiful EARTH MOTHER to feed me!!

Let the wonder of all you have to offer…be mine with each coming day!!

I’ve walked the path of separation for too long…denying my own heritage and birthright.    But I’m back!!

My spirit is calling out to you!!

Please NOURISH my heart, my soul, and my physical form!!    Allow me to harmonize most genuinely with each timeless blessing you have to offer.

For when I walk naturally and joyfully with your energy…I AM EMPOWERED and STRONG!!

Please allow the gift of WATER to cleanse my body and spirit!!    Please see each molecule of that water AWAKENING each molecule currently held within me!!   Bring me back to a space of PURITY in body…as well as mind!!     Let there be NO separation between all that is Love and all that is Me!!

Please allow each nutrient I ingest…to SPEAK to my body at deep levels of being!!    Let those pure vibrations of your Spirit…REMIND ME that I am not alone!!    Let my body recall what it feels like to live DIVINELY in physical form!!

And Please….allow the SPIRIT of all you most genuinely are to SUPPORT ME each day!!

Walking with you is my choice!!    It is my most heart-felt Truth!!   But I am breaking down years of falsely-created traditions and beliefs.    GIVE ME STRENGTH to honor the path that nurtures me, feeds me, and honors the true me!! Let me be lost NO MORE!!

For my heart SEES your Love flowing to me now!!    I see the BOUNTY of nurturing, supporting Light that is offered!!

Thank YOU Beautiful Mother!!

My heart is at PEACE in your precious energy!!

I know…most genuinely…that this is the first breath of a whole new way!!

Thank YOU!! ♥

For my beautiful brothers and sisters joining me on my journey…I’d like to fill you in a bit more.    A few months ago…I was soaring in the Joy that is natural eating and living!!     My body was more energized than I’d ever remembered it being.    I was more inspired to create, share, and Love than ever before.    All was absolutely beautiful!!     It was only a bit of a struggle at times to navigate through the newness of it all.    But each day I learned…and I expanded my knowing in great ways.

Until…stress hit my world emotionally.    I wasn’t prepared to deal with stress in a healthy way.    I didn’t realize how patterned I was to ‘comfort’ my body with un-healthy choices!!    So…I’ve spent a few months…learning how to make better choices in all moments and remembering that a healthy lifestyle is only a choice!!

If I wish for the benefits…”I” must make the healthy choices that welcome those benefits.     I am not a victim to stress…or lack of time.    When “I” choose to BE HEALTHY….I will be!!

So…in awareness…I can see that I have been on this great big see-saw of healthy eating.     There are moments that I joyfully welcome the nutrients of Earth Mother into my being…and moments that I deny the effect that instant-gratification of a donut (or two) will bring me.

I firmly believe that I will always give my body full choice to JOYFULLY eat a donut (or two) when it desires or requests it!!    I am NOT denying the beauty of enjoying life freely!!

However,  my recent sugar-intake is not joyous.    Mentally…there is an ‘i don’t care’ attitude in it.     That’s OLD mentality!!    I remember those genuine emotions from years ago.     THEY ARE NOT MY TRUTH ANYMORE!!

So….I refuse to allow those thoughts space in my beingness!!

Until I am well-grounded once again in the Support, Love, and Peace that is NATURAL LIVING….I choose to refrain from the sugar, processed world of convenience.

This is why I’ve centered myself with a heart-felt prayer this morning.

“Dear Earth Mother…FEED ME!!”

Thank you for walking with me on this journey!!

In Gratitude and LOVE,


4 thoughts on “Dear Earth Mother…FEED ME!!”

    1. What a blessing to is to sense your sweet spirit near!! Thank you for your encouragement. The shift has taken place so deep within…that i long for only that which supports my body!! Yayyyyy!!! ♥


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