Spirit Teachings

Dear Earth Mother…

I call upon you, beautiful Earth Mother, to feed me.

Let the wonder of all you have to offer, be mine with each coming day.

I’ve walked the path of separation for too long, denying my own heritage and birthright. But I’m back.

My spirit calls to you.

Please nourish my heart, my soul, and my physical form. Allow me to harmonize with each timeless blessing you bring.

When I walk joyfully with your energy within, I am empowered and strong.

Please allow the gift of WATER to cleanse my body and spirit. Please see each molecule of that water AWAKENING each molecule currently held within me. Bring me back to a space of PURITY in body, as well as mind. Let there be no separation between all that is Love and all that is Me.

May each nutrient I ingest, speak to my body at deep levels of being. Let those pure vibrations, of your Spirit, remind me that I am not alone. Let my body recall what it feels like to live divinely, in physical form.

Walk with me. Remind me that we share this journey now.

I am breaking down years of falsely-created traditions and beliefs. Give me strength to honor the path that nurtures me, feeds me, and honors the truest Me.

I sense your Love flowing to me now. I sense the bounty of nurturing, supportive Light that is offered.

Thank YOU Beautiful Mother!!

This is the first breath of a whole new way.

© Alania Starhawk 2014

4 thoughts on “Dear Earth Mother…”

    1. What a blessing to is to sense your sweet spirit near!! Thank you for your encouragement. The shift has taken place so deep within…that i long for only that which supports my body!! Yayyyyy!!! ♥

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