Mystical Musings

“Will-Power” Has No Place On My Journey

I’ve heard those words my whole life!!

“Will-power will get you there!!”

And…I believed that they held great truth…until just the last day or two.

Suddenly they seem to speak of a battle with temptation…and some outside force.

But…in order to make myself clear…let me back up just a bit.

A few months ago…I silently decided to make a lifestyle change.    I chose to welcome Health and Wellness into my life…and incorporate it gently and naturally.    I did very well for quite a few weeks…until outer stimuli caused me stress and I didn’t know how to process that negative energy productively.

When I began craving less-than healthy choices in order to comfort myself…I used “will-power” as my most common mode of resistance.    It worked for a bit…although it was a struggle.     Until it felt that I was denying myself toooooo much in that moment.    So…I switched to the “I don’t care” mode of least-resistance.  (((Smile)))

I continued to slide down the path that brought me neither here nor there.    One day I was health conscious…and the next I was not.

But I soon found myself affirming louder and louder within my being “I CHOOSE HEALTH!!”.

And so…I knew that I was becoming strong enough to begin the journey of true health and wellness once again.

I got any last cravings (there weren’t many) out of my system this weekend…and started joyously this monday morning.    The heart-felt prayer to Earth Mother that morning…served to align my energies at much deeper levels than I’d imagined.    I can truly sense that my spirit is on this journey towards Health and Wellness as well as my body is.     I feel deeply supported…even though I realize that setting a strong foundation of healthy choices and patterns may be a bit challenging at times.

So…here’s why I suddenly abhor the concept of “will-power”.

I’ve been tempted a few times over these last few days.    The smell of sweet-delicious baked goods that others enjoy (and they should)…and the un-conscious over-noshing patterning (even of healthy foods)…were both calling me to the “I don’t care” side.     BUT….I caught myself!!

I caught my THOUGHT PROCESS…and all of its irrational drama-based perspectives.   

What I was craving was NOT the physical food.     It was the ‘comfort’ that I believed those foods could bring.     SO….I redirected my energy to realize THERE IS NO BATTLE TO BE WON!!!       I am no longer who I once was.     That food had no satisfaction or benefit for me!!      My battle was NOT with the food….it was with my ingrained thought process.

There is NO war to waged!!

There is NO battle to be won!!

I’m learning to SEE all of my choices…as simple choices.     

If I’m truly READY to live a Healthy and Happy life….it won’t be a struggle!!    It will be a JOY!!

The battle that will-power creates…is illusionary!!!     

The battle is NOT outside of our being.    It’s within our own precious psyche.

SO….to direct my energy towards gentle affirmations and positive envisioning is much more productive than the use of force-filled will-power.

With each momentary temptation…I am now reminding myself that I choose Health and Wellness!!     And the JOY of choosing what makes my heart sing…fully disempowers ANY outside temptation!!

Now do you see??

If you are truly ready for change…no force is needed to succeed!!    Only a gentle reminder that you are on a light-filled journey of ever-expanding wonder!!    Let the shift be natural and supportive…not forcibly won. ♥

Many blessings to you through your own personal transformations!!   I Believe In YOU!!

In Joy and Wonder,




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