Spirit Teachings

Sacred Space Meditation ♥

Simply said….we each can be blessed by a SACRED SPACE that is unique and precious to us!!    

We can lovingly create these supportive spaces in the physical world that surrounds us…or we can envision them in the sacred spaces of our heart and mind.

Wherever you choose to CREATE this space…is most certainly perfect for you!!! ♥

In our most recent Conscious Awakening meetup group this wednesday…we endeavored to create a Sacred Space for ourselves through meditation.

With a deep breath…I allowed a guided journey to evolve naturally.    And….I happened to record it.

SO….if you’d like to sojourn with me for a few moments…I’d love to share this meditation with you.

It’s a 16-minute meditation…so please allow time.     And by the end…you will be rejuvenated and re-centered on your truest essence!!


In JOY and Ever-flowing LIGHT,


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