Limitless Power…and Us

“What if” raw ~ limitless Power were flowing to you directly right here and now??

What would you do with it??

How would you utilize it??

How would you transform it into all that you choose??

It’s real ~ it’s pure ~ it’s presenting itself to you!!

Would you ponder its potential for a millenia or so??

Would you shield from its greatness and all that it holds??


Would you playfully direct it towards all you’d like to birth??


It’s raw, pure and infinite!!

You can transform it into all you choose…and still have more to direct and use.

Never would its power dwindle.

Never would its force subside.

It would be an ever-flowing river of morphable, manifestable LIGHT!!


Think ♥

“What if” it’s already flowing right here and now??

“What if” it’s our current reality…and all we need do is

Recognize it

Accept it

Honor it

“What if” that’s what we’re truly here for??

To remember that being human is an opportunity to dance with this energy joyfully

To remember that the Light we seek…already is

It is FLOWING to us, through us, and from us right now!!

It simply is.

So…what will you do??

It’s up to you!!

Dream big my friends!!    For I want the best for each of you.

“What if??” ♥

In Joy and Ever-flowing WONDER,


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