Mystical Musings

Learning To Receive Graciously

Spirit once told me a few years ago... "Receiving in LOVE can be just as generous as giving!!". That placed me on a path of learning to receive joyfully and graciously...from a pure and pristine heart-space.    It challenged me a bit then...but I thought that lesson came and went (quite triumphantly too).   )))Smile(((… Continue reading Learning To Receive Graciously

Mystical Musings

Sacred Love Manifest

My heart spirals in gratitude, joy, and intoxicating light this evening!!   On the eve of a brand new endeavor...I stand here humbled by the love and support that flows to me.   I all ways...fully and truly blessed!! In fact...words seem to be a bit pale and underwhelming compared to the power that… Continue reading Sacred Love Manifest

Mystical Musings

Divergent…At Heart

Wowwwwww!!   I just finished watching the movie "Divergent" with my son.     I wasn't sure what to expect...because I am truly not a fan of any apocalyptic type storyline.    I run from any fear-based scenarios.    But I am fully AMAZED by how aligned each and every hidden message and teaching is… Continue reading Divergent…At Heart

Mystical Musings

Breaking The Stigmata of “Suicide”

Before I even begin writing today, I take a deep breath. The word "suicide" has deep rooted beliefs in our psyche and instantly evokes fear, sadness, and shock the moment we hear it whispered. Without hearing any details of someone's life and challenged transition, we welcome a whole plethora of assumed facts in to the… Continue reading Breaking The Stigmata of “Suicide”

Mystical Musings

Lord Agni ~ Be My Guardian

I know that each beautiful soul reading this right now believes that I am writing to you directly.    But...I must say...I happen to be writing directly to all universal energies that be.    You...of course...are more than welcome to come along for the ride. ♥ This has been one hell of a tough battle with… Continue reading Lord Agni ~ Be My Guardian

Spirit Teachings

Raw and Real…Energy Moves and Transforms

It's an ever-flowing journey of life, death, and transformation!! In all moments...the aspects of life and truth that no longer serve us are transforming into energy vibrations that do serve us!! Sometimes these energy shifts simply raise the energy that you sense and feel supporting you.   That's a pleasure to be part of. And… Continue reading Raw and Real…Energy Moves and Transforms

Mystical Musings

Myths…As A Tale of Human Nature

Each myth, tale and legend throughout time speaks of Intricate and Ever-expressive Man. Arjuna represents the faithfully seeking disciple within...and Krishna represents the eternal and internal wisdom of  our own Perfect and Aware Higher Self!!   The Bhagavad Gita can be viewed as a blueprint for human evolution...if we expand our perceptions of all it… Continue reading Myths…As A Tale of Human Nature

Spirit Teachings

Lost Soul Fragments…and A Welcomed Return

For just a moment...can you accept that in our ever-expansive journey of 'living'...aspects of our own spirit get a bit lost or re-directed at times?? The art of Soul Retrieval is an ancient one...revered as sacred by our Shamanic brothers and sisters across the globe.     They recognize the great HEALING that can take… Continue reading Lost Soul Fragments…and A Welcomed Return

Channeled Messages

Earth Mother’s Loving Message

Speak To Me Dear Mother... From my heart I reveal to you now the greatest of all love and admiration.     Forever a part of your heart and soul...we are entwined.     Our paths are intermingled and woven for the benefit and victory of all mankind.     For you are a simple… Continue reading Earth Mother’s Loving Message