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Lost Soul Fragments…and A Welcomed Return

For just a moment…can you accept that in our ever-expansive journey of ‘living’…aspects of our own spirit get a bit lost or re-directed at times??

The art of Soul Retrieval is an ancient one…revered as sacred by our Shamanic brothers and sisters across the globe.     They recognize the great HEALING that can take place…when we welcome that lost aspect of ourself Home!!

Whether we recognize it or not…almost all of us have personal Soul Fragments that have gone solo over the years.     It’s possible that a part of our spirit may find our current experience too overwhelming to process…so she/he removes themselves to a happier space where all feels secure.   Or…it’s possible that our wish to protect another so deeply…encourages a particular aspect of ourselves to attach to another soul in order to irrationally protect them.

The causes for this phenomena are many.    But…I must tell you that this is not a new understanding or development.    It’s quite a natural experience for many of us on the human realm.    We’ve all learned to adapt and survive with these scattered fragments at large.

BUT…since we are returning to a time of wholeness in our spiritual lives…these beautiful, innocent Soul Fragments are wishing to return home!!   So I’d like to share my story with you.

My first introduction to Soul Retrieval as a healing modality was in reading “Soul Retrieval” by Sandra Ingerman.    She is considered to be the Mother of this re-awakened form of Shamanic Healing.    I certainly encourage you to read any of her books for a more complete explanation and understanding.

It was in reading that book…that my life had changed.    If you’d allow me to paraphrase…I came across a description of someone’s clinical experience…in which that woman kept repeating “a part of me is gone” in her normal daily living.

Like a bolt of lightning…the awareness hit me.     Since my husband had unexpectedly left…I had found it near impossible to look in any mirror because “a part of me was gone”.     I had repeated this in my mind and heart for years after he left…without realizing that I was speaking my truth.

As I studied Soul Retrieval a bit more…that soul fragment and several others were returned to me.     Some were ceremoniously returned by experienced shamanic healers…and some were spontaneously returned to me with the assistance and guidance of my own personal Spirit Guides!!

However…I must tell you that I did not seek out any of those spontaneous retrievals.    I have a very close relationship with my guides…and they supported me through the ritual return…and the energetic return.

With each Soul Retrieval…that beautiful aspect of ourselves needs to be re-introduced to who we are now!!    There is a time of gentle nurturing and patient understanding that will be needed…in order to productively acclimate that part of ourSelf home!!

Truly…those stories are all worthy of their own tale.    But today I’d like to share with you my dream from last night.    I’ve had similar dreams before…but today I saw it all differently.

In the dream…I was in a home that I once had with my ex-husband towards the beginning of our marriage.   I was able to see myself as the woman in that space and time…and also as the aware one (connected to 2014 and my current world).

I remember loving the home and loving the space.    I even felt excited to be sensing those beautiful times as real once again.   But when I looked around…that space was empty.    It was the building I loved…and the walls I loved.    But they were filled with nothing…except my remembrance of what can be held in that space.

It felt as if I were waiting for boxes, life, and people to arrive any moment…and bring this in-between state to an end.

Then I found the remnants of what could be considered an old telephone switch board.    I saw it as the answer…if only I could just call home.

So I sat down to press the 10 digits that would instantly connect me to my home phone of today…but encountered difficulty with every breath.

There were several key pads and groups of switches on this switch board.    But none of these key pads or switches were complete.    The whole switch board was severely broken down.    I would try over and over and over to dial these 10 digits…but got no where.

In that frustration…I slowly returned to my awake-state of being.    But…in my in-between state I could see that I felt trapped.    Nothing prevented me from walking out that door…and participating in life anywhere.     But I felt trapped…in a loop of stagnant energy.    Time had frozen in that scenario…and suddenly I realized what I had just experienced.

A beautiful and innocent aspect of my precious spirit is calling out to me…and wishes to return home!! ♥

I must pause here for a moment…to truly honor the depth of this experience.

Why she became caught in that loop of time and space is unimportant to me right now.    The fact that she wishes to return…so that I may be more complete on my current journey is absolutely AMAZING!!

I’ve been praying to move forward on my journey…and break free from any perceived limitations.     She heard my call…and is now calling out to me.   Yayyyyy!!!

Dear Spirit…How can I welcome her spirit home today??

This is all new to her.    All that you now take for granted in your life…is a new experience to her.    You must welcome her into your heart and soul…and make her feel completely at home!!    Let her also remind you of how you once saw life…so that you may begin to shift and heal those limited perspectives of seeing and believing.

As much as you have to teach her…she has to teach you!!    It’s a beautiful opportunity to SEE YOURSELF and LOVE YOURSELF more completely!!

Honor this experience…and all it represents!!    You have called through the ethers to each other because YOU ARE READY!!

Be blessed my dear one…and know that it is all LOVE!!

Is she now home with me??    Or is there a ceremony that I must facilitate??

The return is complete.    It has been facilitated on your higher realms of being.    But the celebration of this reunion is yet to be expressed.    That you may do in a sacred way…when you are guided.    Both of you deserve the privilege of honoring this special moment. ♥

Thank YOU!!

In this tale I wished to express the beauty of LIFE and all its wondrous mysteries!!    When we least expect it…something truly magical always appears!!

The study of Soul Retrieval is truly an intricate one.    I have only shared enough to make my tale understandable.    Please read Sandra Ingerman’s books for a deep understanding…and connect with my beautiful SoulSister Valerie Nunnelly if you are interested in a shamanic healing session with an experienced Soul Retrieval practitioner.    You may find her at www.ValerieNunnelly.com

Blessings to each of you!!

In Joy and AMAZEment,


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