Spirit Teachings

Raw and Real…Energy Moves and Transforms

It’s an ever-flowing journey of life, death, and transformation!!

In all moments…the aspects of life and truth that no longer serve us are transforming into energy vibrations that do serve us!!

Sometimes these energy shifts simply raise the energy that you sense and feel supporting you.   That’s a pleasure to be part of.

And sometimes the old-stagnant-lifeless-beliefs that no longer serve us have reached the end of their evolutionary cycle and must fully purge, expire, and perish in order to birth sacred energy anew!!

This is where I believe I was caught in the last day or two (if not more).

At times…I cling to the pristine vision of all that is evolving in my life.     I hold on to the elevated perception of all I can be…potentially.    And I forget…that transformation can sometimes be a bit ugly.

As the natural and real…even raw thoughts and energies have been rising…I’ve been denying, nurturing (self), and praying a whole lot.

I know these energies are not me…and yet…these are energies that I have not been able to shake.

It’s as if my elevated-hopeful-grateful-me has been co-existing with this overwhelmed-questioning-powerless-me.  

I have done my best to keep shifting back to the EMPOWERED space of BEing…but it’s been a tough ride over these past few days.

Today…I surrendered.    I stilled myself…to RECEIVE (as my morning post revealed).

And I discovered the RAW and REAL TRUTH of it all!!

In an unexpected (but much appreciated) afternoon nap…my dream visions were filled with death and dying.    The ugly kind of death too…with axes and force used when need be.  (((Smile)))

All irrational scenarios…revealed the break-down and end of one aspect of life…in order to welcome in another.

Each scenario also had a path or doorway into this moment of transition…and a path or doorway out.

There was a natural flow and unseen (but sensed) purpose to it all.

The most memorable scene was between two caricature-like female figures dressed in black veils.   They were sneakily battling each other til the death…while never truly revealing their absolute nature.     Their faces and voices would morph throughout the entire interaction.

Once awake…and back to this physical version of 2014 reality…I could SEE that I’ve been going through huge purges and clearings on deeper vibrations of being!!   I’ve been battling the old-limited-ways at levels unseen!!


And in all times of transition…that which no longer serves…must succumb to the shift.      But those old-out-of-date-paradigms sometimes scream out for one last chance to be heard and accepted.

Wowwwww!!!    That explains it all.

At levels seen and unseen…I’ve been clearing the old in order to welcome the new!!

That’s a lot of conflicting energies to entertain and uphold at one time.    No wonder I’ve been a bit off balance.

BUT….my prayers have carried me through.     And now…with AWARENESS the rest should be a breeze (I hope).



p.s.   Please allow any additional purge, shift, cleanse moments to be gentle, gentle, gentle. (((Smile)))

And to each of my beautiful blogging brothers and sisters…I would advise this:   When your body just doesn’t fly as it normally does…trust that a part of you needs to be nurtured and loved!!

In Joy and Deep-flowing Gratitude,


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