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Breaking The Stigmata of “Suicide”

Before I even begin writing today, I take a deep breath.

The word “suicide” has deep rooted beliefs in our psyche and instantly evokes fear, sadness, and shock the moment we hear it whispered.

Without hearing any details of someone’s life and challenged transition, we welcome a whole plethora of assumed facts in to the mix.

Our energy fields react passionately when we hear that “another has taken their own life”.

And this is where I pause.

I have the gift of speaking to those beautiful spirits who are crossing over, or have crossed over. I can easily sense when they’re well-nurtured and supported in the light, and when they are confused and lost on this overwhelming earth realm.

I have worked with each of them who have come to me, to ensure that they find their way to PEACE and non-judgmental LOVE!!

The shadows and fear, that I sometimes find them in, never tell their truest story. Every soul craves Love. They crave FORGIVENESS ~ UNDERSTANDING ~ COMPASSION ~ and FREEDOM. 

Each soul, incarnate or not, craves the same PEACE of mind and heart!!

Sometimes it’s easy to recognize our path towards these blessings and sometimes the path is deeply fogged. When our path is fogged, we can not clearly see our own thoughts, actions, and reactions from a clear and authentic space. It is quite easy to lose touch with a loving reality and potentiality, when all we know is confusion.

And so, these souls navigate through the best way they know how.

Some of these souls subconsciously choose a slow and attention-seeking demise, accepting pain, disease, and lack as their mode of expression and experience. And some bravely (and often, silently) walk the fateful line between strength, hope and surrender.

When the struggle goes on within your own intricate mind, it’s difficult to understand which way is up and which way is down. Each moment often feels like just another dance on the eternally spinning merry-go-round.

It’s in these moments that a soul’s actions are sometimes irreversible. It’s in these moments that they are caught in their own web of struggle and pain.

I’ve worked with many souls and spirits who have crossed over and I have never once encountered a soul who was fully aware of the impact their subconscious thoughts and actions would have.

Quite often, I find those who have transitioned through what would be perceived as “suicide”, to be shocked and bewildered by all that took place. They are often amazed that they can’t undo that single moment of confusion and pain. And then, they are stuck to witness the pain, anger, and sadness of all who dearly loved them. This creates a heavy weight of GUILT that keeps them trapped and un-moving.

The stigmata attached to SUICIDE is debilitating and un-serving!! It steers energy away from the true experience and deeper moment. It keeps all participants trapped in fear.

Death is death. Transition is transition. Ascension is ascension. The physical how and why is only a surface presentation.  The truth always goes deeper.

I watch some sweet souls who are currently breathing, waking, and living each day with a deeply embedded desire to be FREE from this earth.  Those deep beliefs will naturally seed physical dis-ease or tragedy, eventually. (This does not imply that every physical ailment is caused by this sense of self-degradation)

Are these souls any less or more worthy of respect, than those who are caught in the passionate and pain-filled struggle of depression and confusion??

Each day we make choices to LIVE or “Be FREE”!!

No one chooses to “die”, but they do sometimes see death as a path to Freedom.

Can we not learn to HONOR their journey and LOVE their spirit, without feeling pity and judgment??

Can we not see the sweet searching soul who became lost for a moment??

Sadness will be a natural and genuine expression. But no longer would we become lost in our own sense of what is just and right.

Death is death. Transition is transition. Freedom is freedom.

The how and why is for each soul and spirit to discern!!

The best we can do is INSPIRE THE LIVING TO SEE FREEDOM IN LIFE, and honor those who are journeying beyond this realm of earthly being. 

They need support, not blame, shame, guilt, pity, or pain.

See their wings expanding and only LOVE surrounding them.

See their souls at PEACE fully and completely, both here and beyond. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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