Mystical Musings

Divergent…At Heart

Wowwwwww!!   I just finished watching the movie “Divergent” with my son.     I wasn’t sure what to expect…because I am truly not a fan of any apocalyptic type storyline.    I run from any fear-based scenarios.    But I am fully AMAZED by how aligned each and every hidden message and teaching is with my own deeply founded belief!!

The movie never placed blame on the controlling “factions” (the literal terminology from within the film).    They never revealed a strong organized resistance of any kind.   They placed light on the individuals who see the word differently…and hold the natural power within themselves to shift and change their surroundings!!

These instinctually guided wise ones can be found in every community and “faction” of society…and on unseen levels…they are making a difference!!

The movie also revealed how manipulative and controlling our “protectors” can be.     Almost every dictator, oppressor, and controlling faction has stepped into control by implying that they are protecting those they control.     Which…at a deeper level keeps individuals in fear of moving outside of the accepted and projected norm.

This film delved into the power of fear…as well as the power that can be found when we dis-empower that fear.

When people ask me how I broke through difficult limitations or obstacles in my life…I often tell them that I couldn’t not!!

We never know how strong we can be…til we are pushed to that brink of self-discovery.

In one part of the film Four (our hero) says to Tris (our heroine) in an awe-inspired way…“Fear doesn’t touch you.    It only wakes you up!!”.

What powerful words they are!!    I jumped up to jot them down because they spoke directly to my heart!!

So often I’ve been the one who had to hide “being awake”…in order to serve bravely without outward defiance.     But now I wonder…”Is it time to reveal my greatest truth??”.

Is it time to honor and accept that being “divergent” is not the same as being defiant??

I don’t seek to be different, unique and extraordinary.     My rarity doesn’t threaten any other being on their own unique journey.    

And if it does at times intimidate them…that’s their unique challenge to overcome. ♥

I shall no longer douse my Light in order to remain anonymous.

You see…as far back as I remember into childhood…I had dream ~ after dream ~ after dream ~ of saving the world!!    It wasn’t for glory or victory that I acted bravely in each dream scenario.    It was always because I was able to see the controlling faction for its truth…when the rest of society seemed to be asleep, acting in fear and illusion, or lost.

In each dream scenario…I had to act behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.    It was the only way to affect great change. ♥

So often in this film…young and innocent Tris pushed herself into unexpected experiences simply because she couldn’t not…and she naturally broke the paradigms of what had been.    She broke through boundaries…and created her own path each time.

And…with every act of unprecedented bravery…she became more and more visible.

BUT…perhaps that’s another old un-serving paradigm that is breaking away?!?!

Perhaps it’s time to SHINE BRIGHTLY as the unique and precious Divergents that we are!?!?

Perhaps it’s time to remind society that Individuality is something to be celebrated…not shamed.

The beautiful fire and passion found in each Divergent’s heart can not be doused, pacified, or eradicated.    it shall always be.    

In hiding…or in the spotlight…it shall always BE.

My advice to each soul…divergent or not…is to concentrate on your own spirit, energy, and potentiality.     Let each other soul live the life they choose to live.    If there is no longer need to conform or control…being divergent can no longer be considered dangerous or volatile.

So…with reverence, respect, and gentleness…I encourage you each to SHINE AS YOU CHOOSE…even if your Light appears to be a bit divergent from that which is considered normality.

Our bravery…TO LIVE FREELY…is simultaneously dis-empowering the old controlling factions (within our selves and our communities) while creating new paths of support and love!!

Be brave dear ones!!

Be DIVERGENT if it is a most natural aspect of Y O U!!!

In JOY and Fabulous Wonder,

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