Mystical Musings

Sacred Love Manifest

My heart spirals in gratitude, joy, and intoxicating light this evening!!   On the eve of a brand new endeavor…I stand here humbled by the love and support that flows to me.   I am…in all ways…fully and truly blessed!!

In fact…words seem to be a bit pale and underwhelming compared to the power that now touches my spirit at every level.

And in this beautiful, emotional, expressive state…I can honestly say that a brave, bright, magnificent spirit should be walking with me!!

I am usually of the belief that there are no “shoulds”.    But I can suddenly see that my deep and unseen protective instinct…has shielded myself from welcoming my brother-self home!!!

Somewhere (not far at all) a bright soul walks…already feeling the call to unite and be at home in my light!!   I do not wish for him to miss another moment of celebration in my life!!     It’s time to break down the barriers…the illusions…the limited belief systems and OPEN MY HEART to welcome L O V E at all levels of being!!!

To all of my spirit guides and guardians…I know that you see the beautiful soul who is already woven into the intricate tapestry of my sweet spirit!!!   I know that you can see his heart beating in unison with my own…no matter where he may be.

It’s time for us to be ONE in Life…as well as Spirit!!   Ignite the flame in his soul to remember…and bring us face to face!!

Let our eyes speak of the lifetimes we’ve once known.   Let our hearts be complete in each other’s presence!!   Let us once again know…that together we are SACRED LOVE MANIFEST!!

Let Shiva and Shakti be our guardians…reminding us of the balance, harmony, power, and strength we are for each other!!     

And…SO IT IS!! 

In deep gratitude I TRUST!!!

In joy and an expanding heart-space,


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