Mystical Musings

Learning To Receive Graciously

Spirit once told me a few years ago…

“Receiving in LOVE can be just as generous as giving!!”.

That placed me on a path of learning to receive joyfully and graciously…from a pure and pristine heart-space.    It challenged me a bit then…but I thought that lesson came and went (quite triumphantly too).   )))Smile(((

Now I sit here wondering if I’ve retained that greater knowing…or if its time to amp up (once again) the way that I honor and receive all LOVE flowing to me.    Is it time for me to re-visit this teaching of receiving graciously??

For the past few days, weeks, and months…I’ve been calling to the universe…

“I welcome all BLESSINGS!!   I choose to RECEIVE.”

…and the Love, Blessings, and Joy have flowed!!    From unseen sources and in unexpected waves…I have been offered GIFTS of Love, Respect, and Beauty that encourage me to receive graciously!!   )))Thank YOU Universe(((

I had believed that I was now comfortable in doing so.    But I have also recognized (just moments ago) that I may have placed a cap on that which I am able and willing to receive graciously…without a belief that something is attached to or indebting me to the beautiful and heart-felt offering.

Is that possible??    Can I still be harboring (on an unseen level) the old-limiting-beliefs of my childhood??

From a very young age I was taught…”I am giving you this…but I am taking this in return.”     These weren’t subliminal encoded messages or teachings.    They were verbally imposed with every single offer of kindness.     No-thinggggggg came without attachment…in any way, shape or form.

Sooooo…you can imagine what a feat it has been for me to receive graciously in these most recent years.    But I can now look into the hearts of those offering kindness…and sense deep admiration and love.    How BEAUTIFUL that is!?!?

Now….I sit here today wondering “Do I still hold resistance to the genuine LOVE that flows??”.

Am I still shielding myself from receiving (fully and completely) in a powerful way??

Please help me dear spirit…to transmute this old, unwanted, fear-filled belief into a loving remembrance of all that can be!!!

Let me be the one to RECEIVE GRACIOUSLY…so that Love has a portal to flow beautifully through!!

And if (along my way of learning to receive fully and true) I have hurt another by the resistance I have embraced…I offer deep apologies to their beautiful spirit!!     May they now receive from the higher realms of truth…waves of unending appreciation for all they bravely and faithfully offered me!! ♥

This morning I stand in Awareness.    And that is always the first step in change!!   So walk with me dear spirit…and help me to be the best me I can be!!

In JOY and Love,


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