Mystical Musings

Two Great Loves…

Yes!!   I've had two great, reality-bending Loves in my life!! Both experiences lifted my spirit beyond the physical to spiral in the blissful wonder that LIFE can be!!    And...both experiences gifted me with a colossal MIRROR of SELF to immerse myself in...once they came to an end. And although that Mirror was fogged… Continue reading Two Great Loves…

Mystical Musings

“See Peace Like A River” Between You and Me

Beyond the words, the speech, the's time to begin seeing PEACE flow like a river between you and me!! It's time to begin seeing PEACE as a perpetual energy in motion...with the power to heal, to transform, to transmute, and to create. See no man standing in opposition to this force.    See all… Continue reading “See Peace Like A River” Between You and Me

Mystical Musings

May It Be ‘Peace Day’ Every Day

Just a few moments son's grumpy early morning voice said "I don't want an english muffin".    I responded by saying "No grumpiness please.   It's Peace Day."     He instantly replied "I thought it was Peace Day yesterday."   And I proudly and joyfully expressed "Yes.   We're now making it Peace… Continue reading May It Be ‘Peace Day’ Every Day

Mystical Musings

A Silent Creed and Manifesto!!

There's a silent underlying story that we've each adopted as our manifesto and creed. It so often remains hidden in the shadows of our heart...and is naturally veiled into a perceived non-existence by the countless hopes, dreams, and intentions we set for ourselves daily.    But it is still a part of our underlying belief… Continue reading A Silent Creed and Manifesto!!

Channeled Messages

Brave and Beautiful SELF

I have felt within myself...and been witness to in others...GREAT TRANSFORMATION taking place on levels deep and pure!!    This is a time when we are asked to face our own shadows, our own resistance, and our own insecurities...and come out EMPOWERED!! ♥ What a brave...and beautiful place to be!! While working on my book this… Continue reading Brave and Beautiful SELF

Mystical Musings

Warrior Souls and Compassionate Hearts

Sidenote: This article was originally written and posted in 2011. I am no longer in that same point of fire, but I know many who are. This is for their precious and amazing souls. My dreams last night were once again filled with intense epic battles to save mankind from manipulative, demonic forces.    Yes...i… Continue reading Warrior Souls and Compassionate Hearts