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Warrior Souls and Compassionate Hearts

Sidenote: This article was originally written and posted in 2011. I am no longer in that same point of fire, but I know many who are. This is for their precious and amazing souls.

My dreams last night were once again filled with intense epic battles to save mankind from manipulative, demonic forces.    Yes…i said demonic.

Rarely will you hear me speak of that word in the wake state…because i personally believe that the evil found in our human world is a result of our human fears and insecurities.    We have no one to blame outside of ourselves.

BUT…in these dreams there are super natural powers and all-knowing enemies that invade, control, and create chaos.    I’ve been having these dreams since i was itty bitty…and although the details always change…certain core elements remain the same.

I am always ONE of the very few who see through the lies and manipulations of the controlling factions.    There is always great peril (cities crumbling, laser beam monsters, mind control, malicious enemies)….but i’m never in fear of my life.    My mind is ALWAYS contemplating the way to defeat this current enemy!!     And…i never use any weapons outside of my own natural force of power!!

If and when it is needed…my personal energy expands out to become a giant force-field around my self and others…..while my body screams “I do not stand alone!!  Archangel Michael…I call on you!!   Brothers In Light…I call on you!!”…and a force of LIGHT unlike anything you’ve ever seen will come flying through my hands, my eyes, and my heart to STOP whatever overwhelming force stands in front of me!!

In short…these dreams have taught me about WHO I AM!!!    I am a Warrior Of Light…as are many of you!!    My heart and soul will naturally protect against injustice and selfish control. We are natural lie detectors ~ and can easily sense BS and false intentions.    We are the Warriors that will stand in TRUTH when it is most needed!!

That’s wonderful…WHEN that force and power is truly needed!!

BUT…when you naturally SEE the shadowed depths of people and experiences…how do you stand FIRST with a compassionate heart without judgment…and THEN as the Warrior (if need be)???

These dreams come to me for a reason.    And a Warrior IN LIGHT…i shall always be.   But…Dear Spirit…i wish to be the Compassionate Heart first and foremost!!

So…please assist me in knowing when to Battle…and when to Love!!    Half of these foes…are misguided innocents beneath it all.      Help me to HEAL untruths…not necessarily PROVE them wrong!!

And Dear Spirit…if these foes i battle in dreams…exist within my self…help me to also compassionately HEAL those challenges withIN!!! ♥

It’s all a possibility.   So…until i understand it more clearly…help me to stand as the Compassionate Warrior of Light and Truth!!!

I also encourage all of my warrior brothers and sisters…to stand with Compassion first and foremost!!   That fire to bring Justice and Truth to a moment…can be overwhelming.    Be ware to temper that fire with compassion first.   We don’t realize how fierce we can be…when we are not tempered with compassion first!!     Fierce Truth can cut just as hard as a finely sharpened blade.

We must be conscious of the pure power we hold as natural Warrior Souls!!    BE THE LIGHT…without embracing the shadow!!

In Faith I Walk…and In Truth I Love,


2 thoughts on “Warrior Souls and Compassionate Hearts”

    1. I’m honored to do so!! I think we are all just walking through life…trying to “figure it out”. Lol. And the more we share…the more we realize that we have much in common. Thank you beautiful sister for supporting me!!! ❤ May you always be blessed!!


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