Spirit Teachings

Transforming ME…with Jette Terpner

Have you ever looked into the eyes of an Angel…and felt completely loved?!?!

I have. ♥

My Angel goes by an earthly name of Jette (pronounced ‘yetta’) Terpner.   She has bright, perpetually-sparkling eyes…a smile that warms all beating hearts…and a sweet voice that comes directly from heaven (or so i believe).

Spirit has always told me that Angels are an embodiment of PURE LOVE…seeking to assist and support the journeys of humanity.    That certainly holds true with Jette!!     I feel safe, whole, and complete in her presence!!

Of course I am aware that Jette is as human as you or I.    But…I am also aware that there is a divine trust and knowing in Jette that allows her to fully embody PURE LOVE as she facilitates deep and profound healing sessions to support each individual soul

I was blejettessed by one of these healing sessions yesterday…and I feel quite empowered and transformed today!!

As I laid open and receptive on a healing table…Jette maneuvered around my body wit
h purpose and power.    Each motion, each touch, each spoken (and unspoken) word was deeeeeeper and more energized than I can possibly describe.    She is certainly a channel for DIVINE LIGHT upon this earth!!

And in harmony with the guardians and guides who supported our journey…she was able to bring great FREEDOM to my beautiful spirit!!

I feel as though I found a precious part of my SELF…and am now able to see clearly!!!     What a great and profound  G I F T  that is!!

I can talk endlessly of all I personally experienced…but I’m sure that it is unique for each soul.    Jette works energetically to clear all un-serving energy…and awaken all vibrant aspects of your being!!  ♥     It’s all quite beyond words.

But I do encourage each of you to contact her if you are interested in knowing more.   She currently travels the world facilitating this healing work…as she is guided.    And her long distance healing sessions have supported many.

I truly believe that she is a clear, pristine, and treasured conduit for DIVINE ENERGY to support this earth.     Thank YOU Jette!! ♥     I Love You!!

You may find Jette at www.JetteTerpner.com.     You may also find some additional information about her healing modalities below.

In Joy, Gratitude, and Love, Love, Love,


jette6Jette Terpner is a world renowned multidimensional healer.    Utilizing the tools of Reconnective Healing, intuitive inspiration, and keen knowledge of the body and mind…Jette’s sessions bring transformation to every level of being.   Jette’s ability to see disturbances and imbalances in the energy of the body and pinpoint their root cause is remarkable.    She opens an energetic gateway to bring through alignment with and connection to the loving power of the Divine.

Jette was born in Denmark and has had the pleasure to live in Australia and Key West, Florida before settling in the serene mountains of North Carolina…where she has a healing clinic.    Jette travels extensively every year…sharing her beautiful gifts with the souls she meets.    Jette has worked in conjunction with physicians, acupuncturists, and nutritionists in both hospitals and private practices…firmly believing in the power of cooperatively blending medical modalities.    In addition to her transformational private sessions…Jette also conducts workshops on healing, and spreads the word through speaking engagements and radio interviews.

Please discover even more about her beautiful spirit by visiting her website.   www.JetteTerpner.com

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