Channeled Messages

Brave and Beautiful SELF

I have felt within myself…and been witness to in others…GREAT TRANSFORMATION taking place on levels deep and pure!!    This is a time when we are asked to face our own shadows, our own resistance, and our own insecurities…and come out EMPOWERED!! ♥

What a brave…and beautiful place to be!!

While working on my book this morning…I came across a channeling between myself and Dahlia almost 5 years ago.    Dahlia is one of my bright beautiful spirit guides.    She is a being of pure light…and guides me on my journey through life.

This channeling touches on the depth of challenge I had found myself in…and the greater purpose for all of it.    I never did remark at what the challenge was…so this becomes a timeless tale to support the unique challenges that we each may find ourselves in.

May you sense that this is a conversation between yourself and your beautiful spirit guide…if it feels right to do so.   I know that we are all much more alike than we believe!!

Beautiful Dahlia…thank you for always being with me!!   Please speak to me clearly.   Is there any perspective of truth that I have yet to recognize??

You are enough on your own.   And we will always help to remind you of that.   Listen to your instincts and let go of “right or wrong”.    Just go with the flow and see your greatest dreams coming to be.   You see sadness.   I see tenderness and bravery…perseverance and hopefulness.    I see a journey pushing you forward…no matter the obstacles.  

Why was my experience so extreme these last few weeks??

You’re not alone.   You’re pushing the bar to greater heights.    It’s time to explore your fears at greater depths…and release them.    Give them a place to hide no more.

You make it sound like I’m victorious over this battle.   I feel that I only survived it…barely.

You see only a limited view.   What I see is much greater.   I see you facing your deepest fears and continuing to be hopeful…never losing faith that you are protected…and always wanting more for yourself.

Yes.   But truly there were many times that I couldn’t feel anything but sadness and despair.    I felt more alone than ever…and there were days that I could hardly get through.

But you did!!    And you did not lose faith.    You kept moving forward…seeking greater awareness.   You don’t realize the weight that was atop your shoulders.    It was the same weight that would have crushed you years ago.   You don’t seem crushed to me …do you??   Just worn and tired.    And that’s good.    

You’ve been through much…and don’t commend yourself for the effort.   Sadness will soon be behind you.   Can you feel the release each time you blow??   Like a cannon overheated??    You can not release such pent up energy without a great force of emotional impact!!

You have been brave enough to mine the greatest of all caverns…that of SELF.    And you did not lose yourself in the darkness.   Congratulations!!   I tell you…CONGRATULATIONS!!   You are my hero!!

You realize that I feel nothing like a hero.

Yes.   But you’ve asked for a greater perspective of truth today.   So…hero I say!!   Be kind to yourself.   See what you’ve accomplished.

Thank YOU!!   Is it over??   Is the hard part over??

On many levels…yes.    You are newly focused and determined.   The fire in your heart is near power point once again.   All is clear…once again.    But no  journey is ever completely without challenges.   So remain CLEAR in the days ahead.   Make your dreams a reality by believing in yourself…and who you are!!

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

December 16th, 2009

May this raw and candid expression of truth touch all who would be blessed!! ♥

In Faith and LOVE,


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