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A Silent Creed and Manifesto!!

There’s a silent underlying story that we’ve each adopted as our manifesto and creed.

It so often remains hidden in the shadows of our heart, and is veiled into a perceived non-existence by the countless hopes, dreams, and intentions we set for ourselves daily. But it is still a part of our underlying belief system and it’s time for these veils to remove themselves in the POWER of your true intent.

My dream teachings last night allowed me to see my choices and indoctrinated beliefs on a greater scale. In a seeming post-apocalyptic world,I was considered a great strength and force of wisdom and  power. I was considered a leader by my family and community. And yet, I could see that I was only that strength within the confines of a limited field.

I had learned how to be defiant within the system, but I had not even considered the possibility of fully disempowering a system that had no value or purpose for me anymore!!

And so I awoke, to recognize that I still give silent power to an old and un-serving creed that allows me to be powerless in the confines of a survival mentality.

My world is a reflection of my core beliefs. Until I powerfully deny all limited experiences with conviction, I will only be an inspiration within the confines of a limited field.

That’s not enough for me anymore!!

I no longer wish to play by the guidelines of an old and restrictive matrix. I am newly evolved and empowered. Only my perception can keep me connected to that which is ancient and obsolete in this “now” moment. 

Over these next few days, weeks, and months, I will ponder upon what I choose my new ‘thriving’ doctrine, manifesto, and creed to be!! It’s time for me to remember that I create my ever-expansive reality!!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2014

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