Mystical Musings

“See Peace Like A River” Between You and Me

Beyond the words, the speech, the action…it’s time to begin seeing PEACE flow like a river between you and me!!

It’s time to begin seeing PEACE as a perpetual energy in motion…with the power to heal, to transform, to transmute, and to create.

See no man standing in opposition to this force.    See all being touched by the sweet wonder that it is.

In this moment and all moments…PEACE flows to touch all.    It is no longer the privilege of a chosen few!!

I believe that it’s time to begin trusting that PEACE already flows powerfully through this earth realm!!    It’s time to begin seeing it alive and in motion….like a vibrant river flowing between every beautiful soul!!

I’ve had two powerful dream visions about PEACE over these last two nights:

The first dream vision followed our Global Peace Prayer…aligned with the UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE of September 21st.     I was sleeping peacefully…and then looked into the bright blue sky.    There were a few white wispy clouds…with an intense brilliant LIGHT beaming through.   I focused my vision on that point…and instantly recognized the United Nations emblem shimmering in pure divine light.     It’s light blanketed the earth…and I knew that humanity’s prayer for PEACE on this earth…had prevailed!!

I knew that WE as a United Consciousness…chose PEACE as our path!!    And now we would be more supported on that journey…than ever before. ♥

The second dream vision occurred last night.    Again I was in a peaceful state…just allowing all to take shape around me.    I suddenly recognized that PEACE was flowing around me in waves and vibrations of energy.    Then I noticed to be ware of my subconscious beliefs.    I saw these waves flowing forward…and then sidestep around someone that had just frustrated me a bit that day.   

Once it sidestepped…the wave paused and I heard “SEE PEACE LIKE A RIVER!!”     I knew that for this Peace to grow in force and power upon this earth…it’s important for me to see no man in opposition to the peaceful energy that flows!!   Hold no judgment over who welcomes Peace, embraces it, or understands it.    Simply SEE PEACE flowing like a river between you and me!!     

In a river no thing is untouched by the sacred waters that flow!!

And so I awaken this morning knowing that so much is in motion at levels unseen!!!    This is a brand new day…and we are shifting our boundaries of acceptable experiences in truly amazing ways!!

I’m so honored to be part of this shift!!

I’m so honored to know that PEACE FLOWS LIKE A RIVER between you and me!!!

Namaste’ my brothers and sisters!!

In Joy and Gratitude,


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