Mystical Musings

Two Great Loves…

Yes!!   I’ve had two great, reality-bending Loves in my life!!

Both experiences lifted my spirit beyond the physical to spiral in the blissful wonder that LIFE can be!!    And…both experiences gifted me with a colossal MIRROR of SELF to immerse myself in…once they came to an end.

And although that Mirror was fogged for a respective time in each journey….the FOG eventually cleared and brought through the radiance of my own precious SELF because of these journeys!!

In short…no part of each journey was a mistake!!      No choice was less than perfect!!

The first Love took my breath away!!    It washed the world away from my periphery….and only allowed me to register Life through the gateway of that Love.     That Love became my breath…and my power.     Without recognizing it…it became my security, my identity, and my life.

So….when it was suddenly taken from my world…all sense of trusted-reality went with it.     I was left with only my seemingly empty Self…and a FIRE that blindly pushed me forward in each moment.      That tale of awakening is beyond powerful and awe-inspiring…but not a topic for today. ♥

Denial and fruitless questioning was all I knew for a quite a bit…until I began to build a new foundation for myself!!     The wonder of Life and its beauty filled me once again…and my focus stayed on the positive, on the new, and on the blessings that surrounded me.

After what had seemed like an eternity….I found mySELF!!!

And without that journey to push me forward, to see with new eyes, to explore my inner depths…I never would have found her at all. ♥     Each moment of bliss…and each moment of pain was an intricate part of my journey!!    I honor them all.

And so…with awareness I welcomed a new Love into my life.      I envisioned every aspect…manifested every magical element…and was prepared for the wonder that would present itself!!

After months of knowing his Spirit on the higher realms…he walked into my life…and lit that eternal flame within once again!!

This Love broke all barriers of limitation.    It manifest pure Sacred Light in the here and now.    It caused the cosmos to shake…and the Masters of all time to appear and converse!!

My physical self was non-existent.   In this Love I knew only eternity, only limitlessness, and only bliss.

The universe supported that love…and celebrated it in wondrous ways.

But…as the fog began to clear…I recognized that this Love only existed on the higher realms!!    That may be difficult for you to comprehend.     But it is true!!

With this Love I maintained awareness through it all.    Without judgment…I was honest with myself in all moments…and could suddenly see that I was in Love with his Spirit, his Soul, his timeless Self!!     But that precious part of him…was not all of him.

In a wave of true and pure Love…I stepped free…and was faced with the MIRROR of SELF once again.

Was I blinded??    Did I manipulate the natural flow??    Was I in an altered state throughout that experience??

Although I knew the answer…it took me a while to be at PEACE with the answer.    The self-doubt…though silent and unseen…still remained until just recently.

When I least expected it…and when I certainly wasn’t looking for it…I felt Spirit’s presence near me and the words reverberate through me:

“Two Great Loves.   And no moment was less than perfect!!”

I didn’t know it.   But those were the words I needed to hear.   A great PEACE now fills me…and I know that I AM the one who has welcomed this new level of healing, understanding, and being!!      I suddenly know that I AM the one ready to free myself from all less-than-loving perspectives and beliefs.

It’s time to remember that my journey is much much greater than only that which has been.    I sense this moment…and all future moments…suddenly holding much more power and purpose than those now passed.    I feel FREEEEEEEEEEE…..and ready to Love in much greater ways than that which I’ve known.

So I shift my awareness to that which now appears.     I look forward to the beauty and blessings flowing to me here and now.

To the beautiful brother who presents himself in each of my powerful visions…I WELCOME YOU!!    Our souls are already at home in one another’s embrace.    Why wait another day??     If you can sense the beating of my heart from your current stance…then we are already ONE.    Break down the barriers of limitation…and find your way HOME.

Whewwwwww.    Can’t say it more clear than that.

At times I wonder why I allow myself to be so raw and revealed in these blog posts.    And then I realize…how can I not??    I’ve spent lifetimes hiding in the shadows……and regardless of what comes….free expression is truly my greatest gift!!      I hold no fear….only Love.

In JOY and Ever-expansive Faith,




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