Mystical Musings

Transforming Betrayal Into Self-Empowerment

Are you ready to free yourself from feeling less-than-loved?? I find myself a bit triggered this morning by an old memory and experience that allowed me to be treated less-than-kindly. The soul who offered the less-than-kindly energy (a few years ago) was truly not an important soul in my life!!    I wasn't attached to… Continue reading Transforming Betrayal Into Self-Empowerment

Channeled Messages

“The enlightened ones shall walk the earth….”

"In your have chosen to walk AS the illuminated master being that you are!!    It is written..."and they will walk among us".    And so....this is you!!   The enlightened ones shall walk the earth and remind us of our greatest truth...that we hold the potential to create worlds and lifetimes of Peace… Continue reading “The enlightened ones shall walk the earth….”

Mystical Musings

Time….My Old Dance Partner

What a bizarre...and often confrontational...relationship we have!! I have come a long way in learning to balance and harmonize myself in relationship to Time and its power over me (as revealed in my highly expressive post Time ~ and his hold on me!!). I now recognize when I irrationally push myself against a giant clock… Continue reading Time….My Old Dance Partner

Spirit Teachings

Sweet Anticipation…

Dear Spirit..........Pure GRATITUDE flows through me in great waves this evening!!    I can not see that which is about to reveal itself..............but it feels wondrous!! What a blessing that is!!     For too many evenings in this life have been filled with concern and weariness.    So.......on this non-descript...but truly empowering evening...I scream… Continue reading Sweet Anticipation…

Mystical Musings

Emotional Clearing……On Energetic Levels

Wowwww!!   How real emotional reminders and memories can be!! I was recently gifted an opportunity to journey through my chakra points in tune to music.     The exercise was designed to let us energetically feel the power and flow of each chakra (major energy centers within the body). I was fully caught unaware… Continue reading Emotional Clearing……On Energetic Levels