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Emotional Clearing……On Energetic Levels

Wowwww!!   How real emotional reminders and memories can be!!

I was recently gifted an opportunity to journey through my chakra points in tune to music.     The exercise was designed to let us energetically feel the power and flow of each chakra (major energy centers within the body).

I was fully caught unaware when the music shifted and my energy rose to the Heart Chakra.     I was so looking forward to joyfully feeling the LOVE flow passionately through.     But I couldn’t sense the Love that is so much a part of who I am.    In that moment…only sadness and pain filled my soul.    

With breathwork and prayer I tried to clear that blocked energy….so the joyful Love could flow.    But this sadness and pain was deeply rooted.     So I accepted the gift of Awareness in that chakra…and looked forward to the shifting music that would elevate our focus to the next chakra point.

In perfect time….we shifted our attention to the Throat Chakra.     While envisioning my power-filled voice carrying far and wide……..I awakened a great big wave of anger within me!!!  

Really?!?!    Now…when I should be joyfully envisioning my voice flowing free and strong….genuine anger is rising within me!?!?    I could see the crowd of countless souls throughout time who did not recognize, appreciate, or honor the beauty and light that I am.

In each of those challenged moments…the desire to withdraw, hide, and cocoon myself was overwhelming.    It was bravery to simply stand strong.

But the energy once again shifted…and by the time we reached the energy of the crown chakra I was celebrating my life once again.

Here’s the curious part.      Once the exercise was complete….I was grounded in my current truth…but the memories of that pain and injustice was still present and real.   I was feeling greatly impacted by the power of those emotions.

So I stood beneath the Full Moon last night and welcomed guidance.    Grandmother Moon was very clear.    She asked “Do you wish to release and clear the beliefs and energies that evoke these emotions??”

I answered “YES” immediately….and she responded “Then that is enough.    You are not alone in this.”

I walked away feeling saved…but discovered something even more curious about my self throughout the night.

You see……..I never realized that deep emotions and memories can sometimes intoxicate us.    They sometimes trap us in an illusion that comforts us……although that comfort is triggered through pain.  

I can now see that we sometimes cling to the sadness, pain, anger because it is a connection point to the people or experiences we once loved.     To make it clear……….the memories place me right back in the moments that created those patterns.     And those moments are a connection point to the good memories too.    They are all linked.

So it is very difficult to genuinely wish to “release and clear the beliefs and energies that evoke those emotions”.       We feel as though we are closing the door on all the good and beauty too.

This morning I sit in Awareness.     A part of me wishes to delve more deeply into the memories…so that I can recall some of the beauty.      But I am certainly aware enough to know that pain, sadness, and anger is not a healthy route to freedom and love!!! ♥      

So today I remember beautiful Grandmother Moon’s words.      Today I choose to clear and release…..knowing that once I am free of illusion and thoughts of separation….there will be only beautiful memories to recall!!!

It’s time to free myself from the negative perceptions of these experiences and memories……….not the experiences and memories themselves!!!!!


I Accept and Trust This Beautiful Journey!!!

And Thank YOU to the ever-radiant Kim Kennedy who lovingly provided this opportunity to heal!!!    Her JOURNEY INTO SOUL events are thought-provoking, knowledge-filled, and soulfully-inspirational!!!!     I am forever blessed by this experience!!

In Joy and Gratitude for ALL that Is,


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